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Romana Kryzanowska passed her knowledge and joy of the Pilates method to all of her students. Brett Howard shares his thoughts on her and how her felt his education with her was very well-rounded. Brett also shares how excited he was when Romana let him teach prima ballerina, Suzanne Farrell, and how Suzanne taught him more than he taught her!
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Oct 06, 2014
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I first met Romana in December of 1997 I had already started the New York Claudia's teacher certification program. And a first I have trained with Bob Lukens and, uh, he, I went to the school of, uh, ...

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Thank You for sharing this Brett, as you said Romana passed Pilates to you and you pass her to us. I love taking your classes because you also share her laughter and love of life in sharing your sense of humor. My students know it was you who said "don't get fresh" (ribs)
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Hi Brett, it was wonderful seeing you speaking about Romana. What impresses me the most, is how humble you always are. I hope to see you soon again. Best, Reiner
Such a lovely interview! Thank you for sharing your experience with Romana. It was wonderful to hear that she would modify the work to fit the client and I appreciate the respect and love you showed towards your teacher.
Thank you, Brett! Just watched this and hadn't seen it before. Love to you and thanks for sharing. Hope to see you soon!!!! xo
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Great Interview...well done Brett Howard - Master Teacher, who's always referencing Romana in his Workshops!

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