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Breast Cancer Recovery

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Breast cancer is a growing problem around the world, and two of the most common questions for those recovering are, "when can you begin to exercise?" and "what type of exercise should you do?" Kathy Corey addresses these topics with structured program for recovery. She breaks down the process into three phases, so you are able to create a support team for your whole body and spirit.

Please consult with your doctor before beginning any type of program for recovery.
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Feb 12, 2015
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Hi, I'm Kathy. Corrine, I'm very, very pleased to be here with you today. A few years ago I was asked to develop a program for breast cancer recovery and this was really done post-surg...

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I'm an instructor, currently in treatment for breast cancer. Pilates really helped me get through chemo, mastectomy /reconstruction.
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A sincere thank you to Kathy & Pilates anytime for creating this series. Enjoyed this first video. Looking forward to the rest. I'm 8 weeks post mastectomy w reconstruction & 16 weeks post op for lumpectomy & lymph node removal in the same breast. I have an amazing instructor whom I enjoy working. I do private & class sessions with her. Since the private is only once a week, having Pilates Anytime to go to is a great resource to keep my mind / spirits up & rest of my body experiencing some kind of movement even though it's limited. Thanks again!! :)
Thanks for your kind words, Holly. I wish you all the best.
Hi Kathy Corey do I need a special qualification for this? I would LOVE to specialise in helping people with breast cancer. Txx
I teach a 2 day course for teachers. Where are you located? We could possibly set up a course for 2019. It is really gratifying to reach people with this class.
Hi Kathy Corey , unfortunately Im in the UK, cold it on on line training? Tx
Hi Kathy Corey , I’m a Pilates teacher in the UK currently having treatment for breast cancer and found this video so helpful a few days post-op. I love the way you have helped me to see this time as one of reconnecting to my own body and nourishing my spirit, rather then getting frustrated about what I can’t yet do. I look forward to your other videos! Lynn x

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