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Workshop #2146

Thread of the Single Leg Pull

1 hr 15 min - Workshop


What defines an exercise as a Pilates exercise? The short answer is that all Pilates moves utilize the six principles and employ flexion, extension with a strong core. In every Pilates exercise, there is a thread that links to the basic Mat or Reformer. In this workshop, Kathryn Ross-Nash looks at the components of the Single Leg Pull to see how we can find connections in other Pilates exercises. She uses different pieces of equipment to help provide the correct alignment for the exercise. You will see how she works with four different bodies, and how she uses the equipment to achieve the best movement.


- Break down the different components of the Single Leg Pull

- Learn ways to use the method to correct alignment and to challenge the body

- Find the connections to the Single Leg Pull in multiple exercises.

This workshop is a great supplement to Kathryn's book The Red Thread: The Integrated System and Variations of Pilates - The Mat. It includes a comprehensive look at the Mat work so you can find the thread that connects the entire system.
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Ped-O-Pul, High Chair, Mat, Toe Corrector, Baby Arc, Hand Weights, Magic Circle

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Apr 24, 2015
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Hi, Colleen and I are going to play with the red thread of the single leg pull. The red thread is um, a workshop that I teach and it's based on the method of [inaudible]. I call it red because Joe was...


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Kathy I love the connection of one simple exercise to what the body needs. Deciding what pieces of equipment to use is so important. Loved your humour with clients so they could relax, and find what they needed without being judged.

Lynn Thank you so very much! This is a huge compliment. I was very blessed to have Romana as my teachers and over my years watching her i never saw her make a student feel bad about themselves. Pilates is NOT a performance but a gift we share to improve the quality of life for those who have entrusted their wellbeing with us.
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Really interesting to see the 'Thread' of one exercise and watch such a skilled teacher work on alignment with four different bodies. All Kathi RN classes and tutorials leave me with serious envy issues (for the people who are getting to participate in the session...). AND it is totally inspiring to see a woman of 51 looking so fabulously strong and healthy - you really embody the work!
Thank you so much Julia!!!! Come visit New Jersey!!
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Hi Kathy, I just watched this video and thoroughly enjoyed it! You are such a great teacher and you know the work inside and out! I hope to work with you one day.
Thank you!
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Favorite quote: the little toe is the gateway to the tushy. I am SO using that!
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Wonderful as usual. ???? You Rock!!! LOVE the bling.....
you always rock the bling miss karla!!!!
Bling aside, I love to see your passion when you teach. Your like a medium finding the secrets of the body in front of you. You are truly one amazing teacher.

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