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V-Sit with Long Pole

15 min - Tutorial


Jillian Hessel adds on to the archival exercises she learned from Kathy Grant to help her scoliosis. In part 2, she does all of the exercises from the Red Pole Series while sitting up and using a bigger pole to work on controlling thoracic rotation. These are wonderful exercises for everyone as they work on imbalances in the body and improve your posture.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Jun 07, 2015
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Great stuff to share with my clients! Thank you!
So glad you found it useful, Rosemary! Thanks for taking the time for the feedback!
It such a wonderful workout for every levels. It's also my morning workout. Feel tall and energize after :) Thank you for sharing.
Lovely Jillian. I really liked your delivery and as I have some clients with slight scoliosis, it is useful information for me to think about and add to their sessions. Thank you!!
This is really valuable, specific work. Thank you Jillian!
Excellent Julian. I was wondering could you explain what it feels like to you when you are doing the sitting up. I ask this because I am trying to feel it so I can do it properly. I seem want to inhale and then pull up with my chest and from the back with my trapeze if that makes any sense.
I really love the two pole series, so interesting and useful. Thank you so much for sharing!!
Like always clear and easy to understand.
It's such a gift that PA and you make it possible to learn from Kathy Grant, Eve Gentry and Carola Trier!
Great cues with scoliosis work while seated/making it even, while paying attention to the dominant/curvature side. Thank you!!
Lovely class Jillian. I'm always looking for some inspirations where I can add a pole to my classes. This is quite an effective way how I can get my clients to increase the mobility in their thoracic spine. Thank you.
Thought this was a great video. Thank you. Will be incorporating for all clients with my reformer short box series.
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