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Summer Bloopers

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It's the first day of summer and we thought we'd celebrate with some bloopers from the first half of the year! We have outtakes from Red Nose Day, Pilates Dogtime, trains and people going by in the background, and so much more! Get ready to laugh out loud!
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Jun 20, 2016
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[inaudible]. How much did you follow up Kevin? Bloopers. We get a lot of those. We've got shoot 45 46 marker. If you keep this lip Ga, if you keep this elegance high today we're going to play on the jump board and do a little interpretable. Okay, one more time. I get it. Are you ready?

Are you watching me watching you? I see you. I'm watching you watching him. See you bending your knee. Hi. I am so wrong. It's time to give you a box. I was going to get rid of that box and I'm wrong again because you can't have a box. Whose program is hair the pits out? Can I say that? Hey, what's up dude? He's cute.

Could probably [inaudible] the wonderful benefits of Polis and why. Thank God. That's why she did fill out A's. It makes it tooth actually does make it to maybe in the wrong places. [inaudible] we're going to work wicked hide and drink some beers. After we finished this frigging footwork.

I never know how to end voice like I feel like I should come up with something incredibly witty to say like, Nama stay like not my same bitches.

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Loving it. We're going to drink some beer after we do this footwork. Priceless. Ha ha.
Love these!
Thank you, that's funny!
thanks for the laughs.... I love Tom Cooks "Boston" attitude!!!
Pamela, believe it or not, but Tom IS from Boston and has a huge family there still. It always surprises me when he lets it out too!
This is very fun. Also, confirms to all of us that everyone is human and can mess up.
Too funny! Thanks for sharing!
thank you :D
Love it!! So cool..

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