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Running Free

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Join Myriam Kane in her program, Running Free, which is designed to assess and address the needs of runners. She explores the issues that may come up for runners and then offers exercises that can be used as a self-care toolbox.
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Sep 24, 2016
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Hi, I'm Miriam Cane. I'm a plus teacher, a runner and outdoors enthusiast. I hope you'll join me for a series of running free videos that I've designed with runners in mind. The first of the series is a mat class designed specifically with runner's needs and issues that might be roadblocks in our running experience. And the next four are a series of tools or self care, um, toolbox for you to address these needs. So again, I hope you'll join me in these four videos as we assess and address our needs as runners.


Love this. nice and thank you for your clarity
Myriam Kane
Thank you, Josephine!

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