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Now that you have finished Meredith Roger's first class in her Reformer progression, she encourages you to spend time with the fundamentals so you can get the ideas integrated into your practice. She shares how these movements are linked all the way through the advanced exercises, and how you will be able to rely on them if you have a strong foundation.
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Apr 19, 2017
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Hi. If you're watching this video, it means that you have just done or are about to do the fundamental class reformer class in the reformer progression series. So I'm teaching this series of the Progressive Series on the reformer so that we can look at how the fundamental movements are linked through the intermediate movements all the way into the advance movements. And what I want to be really clear about is that it's important when you start on this progression, especially if you're a beginner, to spend some time with the fundamental class to spend some time with those movements to get those ideas kind of integrated into your experience integrated into your practice. Because those very fundamental movements are, you'll see themes and variations of them throughout the intermediate movements into the advanced movements, which is a long way away, but it will come. But what I want you to start to notice as you go from one class, the next class is how shapes or muscle focus or ideas around stability or mobility are linked together throughout different movement patterns in different choreography. And it will be my challenge and my goal to point that out to you and to help you see the correspond dense between those things and to help us all go a little deeper into our politesse practice. Thank you for taking class with me.

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Maggie L
Thank YOU for providing the class for US
Hi Maggie
I am so new to this. Meredith you are one fabulous instructor. I will follow you where ever you go!
Thank you Janet that is just SO sweet and complimentary.
I never get bored of your classes Meredith. I just love them. It's the combination of deliberate pace and soothing voice, simplicity of your cues, kindness and delicious sequencing that I love so much. I always feel more grounded and yet agile after taking class with you. You teach me so much!! THANK YOU! 
Charlotte F what sweet feedback!  Thank you so much for making my day!

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