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If you are ready to commit to the 10-day Spring to Life challenge, Kristi Cooper has a few tips to help you be successful in this program. She shares the tools you will need as well as what you should think about before starting the challenge. Once you have everything set up, it will make it easier for you to stay consistent with this challenge. See you on the Mat!

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May 06, 2017
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So here's some tips for you that'll help you be successful through this program. Once you commit to the 10 day spring to life challenge. First of all, what tools do you need? The tools I've picked out a few. They're all very simple to get, very easy to use, and don't take up a lot of space in your house or wherever you set up. The first and probably most important is the [inaudible] mat. And if you have a yoga mat, that's, that'll work too.

The reason I say PyLadies mat is they tend to be a little bit thicker and as you go along in your polarities practice, even beyond what we'll do you, you will experience some rolling and that can be a little challenging on the bones depending on the actual surface. We're here with hardwood floors and carpet has its own challenges, so you try for a thicker mat. If you have a yoga mat, that'll work too. And in some cases you may decide you need to fold it either in half or in some times in thirds. Just so your spine has a thicker tractor walk now. So that's the first one. Get your velocity's mat or use your Yoga Mat wisely. The second one that we use in this series is going to be an elastic band.

We use therabands here. There's all sorts of brands. There's even different tensions. Really any we'll do. We use them for ways to feel the resistance and opposition. Sometimes we use them for an assist as well. Um, the most important thing for you to know is is your theraband healthy? If it's a really old, if it's been sitting in the sand, I would recommend that you get a new one because they do break easily and usually no one gets hurt but it's not fun and we'd rather you have the support you need to find a sturdy one. We use, we have very long ones here at the studio.

Think in terms of three or four feet long is typical. This one's probably five, but it will work too. So get get your band and I think you'll find that a lot exercises will be made easier for you. It can also use it for challenge. The next thing I chose to use is the fitness circle or the magic circle. You'll sometimes hear it called. It's a very lightweight ring that seems like it's not going to do a whole lot for you, but it does.

It allows feedback and it will in the case that we'll use it here in this series that it's helping us to focus on the breath and how to use the movements and the shapes of philosophies more easily to your benefit. As time goes on. I'm trusting that you'll keep your practice up. This becomes handy in lots of different ways, so this is a fitness circle or magic circle. All of these things that I'm mentioning are, are easy to find whether it's on Amazon or we actually have links for them on the site, so feel free to click on any, any of those props and you'll find a way to buy them. Finally, most everyone has this, whether they use it or not, is the fitness ball stability ball. This is actually a 65 millimeter ball, but in this environment where it's humidity and hot and cold, it's shrinks a little. So it actually ends up for me being about 55 centimeter. You want one that it's going to allow you to sit on it, maybe have your legs at about 90 degrees. Um, that feels stable to you. If it feels really, if it's too small, it doesn't really help with what we're going to do for it.

So find one that's a little on the bigger side for you. I'm not so tall. I'm about five, four and the 65 centimeter one has shrunk to about 55 that helps if you're taller than five, four in general, I would say go bigger at that. So these tools are here to help you. They're here to challenge you in some cases too. In both cases, they're here to help you understand where this work go, what this work is for, what the objectives are, and how to help you feel more. So go get your tools and then you'll be ready to start.

The second point that I want you to really think about is can you dedicate the time before you start this 10 day challenge? Commitment matters and you want to know, you want to know ahead of time, you want the people around you to know ahead of time that at this time on this day I'm going to spend about 30 minutes doing this program and I'm going to feel better, look better and I'll be nicer Tito or whatever you have to say, but dedicate your time. It matters. I would. It's a 10 day challenge. I'm recommending that you at least leave one day in between, but that you still plan that calendar. You plan that timeframe where on Monday I start on Wednesday, I do day two on and so on. If that doesn't work, it is designed that you could do it every day. It's just a lot to do in either case, dedicate your time, know that this is all that matters to you in that moment because if you think you're going to fit it in, you already know the answer to that and that's why you're doing this challenge.

So commit to it from day one, schedule it and be there to show up. Find a space that you can commit to too, if you can, if you can it. It's much easier to commit to something when the space is set up and ready to go. Preferably you avoid places that are high distraction for you, not the place where all your bills set, not the place that you can see your phone at the place that your computer's showing you who's texting you right now. Find a space. It's not long, it's 30 minutes. You'd be shocked how quick it goes by. So dedicate a space and if I took it one step further, I would say it's already set up. The Mat is there, the props are in order.

All you have to do at the dedicated time is a walk in, sit down or stand however we were doing it that day and go and then it's done. Dedicate your space, make it special for you because this is what you're doing for you. Make a special. And finally something to think about is where you place the device you're working with. Is that, is it straight in front of you? That's probably not a good idea.

I'm recommending that you have it at least off to the side. You may also have to move it, so set your mat up initially so that you can easily glance to one side or the other. Whether you're lying on your back, whether your standing, anything you can with your heads upside down. You want to be able to see what's happening without having to flex or extend your head in a way that's not comfortable. That'll sort of defeat the whole purpose of this spring to life challenge. I also want to add that it's not a bad idea to do some of these classes more than once. Okay. It's a 10 day challenge, but if you spread this out over a month and do it more than once and make it a 20 or 21 day challenge would probably even be better off. Some of, there's a lot said and a lot that can happen in each one of these classes.

A lot to explore, so give yourself that option too. That's just, that's just a a secondary thought that I find helpful for myself when I'm taking classes from other people. It's like, what did they mean? What did they say? So give yourself the opportunity to take the classes more than once. Whether you go through all 10 of them at once and then retrace, that's fine too. At the very least, give yourself time to practice. Give yourself time. Give yourself, you spring to life.

Spring To Life: with Kristi Cooper

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Tips for Success, What You'll Need

May 06, 2017
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Tips for Success
Kristi Cooper
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Great advice- all of us teachers need to put our own sessions in our diaries so that we show up- its easy to get distracted and then our practise suffers. Thanks Kristi. Ready to go!!
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"...and I'll be nicer to you." Love it! Looking forward to this. Thanks Kristi.
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Great advice. Though, in some cases, the band or magic circle are not there (nor in the plan to buy). How can I replace these? Ball too.. Is there a modification of the exercise which allows you to go on through the program with only one mat or some weights?
Maggie L
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...hold it. What is the image on your pants? JP?!
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This is a great idea. I´m in...
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Kristi , love the Joe pants!!! Great tutorial, i need badly to make the time for my own practice so thank you for doing this. We fellow instructors get so busy sometimes we forget to make a dedicated time for our own selves.

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This has come along at the perfect time - thank you!
Also, LOVE the Joe pants!
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lets do it!!!!!
Sandra G., The band and the ring serve more as "assists" in this challenge than necessities. Sometimes just using a light weight pillow as a Magic Circle can help define the focus. As for the band you can sometimes supplement with a towel for assistant purposes, but you lose the elasticity for any kind of muscle activation that may be helpful. A band can be great in many cases when working out from home. I will send you a band if you aren't planning to buy or find one. Just send me a private message with your address and I will be happy to take care of that for you.
Jamie Kirk and Maggie, the image on my pants is indeed Joseph Pilates. I bought them from our friend Chuck Rapoport who actually took the photos of Joe in 1961 for Sports Illustrated. You can purchase these and many other great designs on his website I.C. Rapoport. To make it even more fun, be sure to check out my interview with Chuck (one of my favorites) here on Pilates Anytime. Chuck is an accomplished photojournalist (think Fidel Castro, Marilyn Monroe, JFK AND Joseph Pilates) as well as an Emmy award winning writer for Law and Order. You can find my discussion with Chuck here.
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