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Can't Sit Up Straight

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If you are having difficulty during exercises that require you to sit tall, Amy Havens has a few modifications you can use during Mat classes to help. These tips will allow you to sit up with more ease so you can do the exercises with better alignment and posture.
What You'll Need: Mat, Moon Box

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Jul 23, 2017
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Another common modification is for you to know about is how to sit up a little more efficiently. So if you're having difficulty in Mat classes, in any of the exercises where we're asking you to sit up tall, something like, like this, which is not as easy for some people to achieve. What we're looking for here is posture and ease in sitting. So if that's not you and you're having difficulty, what you need to think about is how we want to lift your pelvis up a little bit higher and change the angle of your leg to your trunk. So two ways you may want to choose a small pillow, something like this. Again, it's just to raise you up a little bit. A pillow is a little bit immobile, so you may have l still a little bit of challenge to get up straight.

You could also bend your knees while sitting on the prop. That's really one of the best modifications. So something like this, but more commonly you'll be, um, but more commonly is something like a box, a small box like this. Many Pilati studios have this, but if you don't have one at home, let us know. We can help resource you to find one or maybe a stack of books or a blanket or several blankets. Again, that raise you up. But I'll have you take a look at what this looks like. And this is much better.

My pelvis is quite a bit higher than the leg angle, much easier for the joint at the hip. And again, what we're after is the ability to sit up with ease. So if you're having difficulty sitting up with ease, you need to get something to sit on to raise your height, change the angle of your leg to your trunk is located.

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Thank you Amy. Is there a tutorial that discusses the reasons why some of us can't sit up tall and the limiting structures involved and how to work on those?
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I would also love to know if there is a way to work on being able to one day sit up tall with my legs out straight in front of me - or if some people are just not built for it?
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a package or two of computer paper works great too , and people tend to have that in the house.
Great idea Susan !
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Jo and Sarah -- there could be a few reasons for why it's difficult to sit up straight and/or why someone may have difficulties. One could be weakness in the core musculature of the body (spine and abdominals) -- all of which will get stronger in time. Another could be weak/tight hips (same, will get stronger in time), a person could have joint structure that limits the ease. My overall feeling, however, is that in time and with practice, a person will gain the strength needed!!! Pilates is a practice!
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Thank you for addressing this very common problem. Yoga block is another great prop to assist here. My go to reason for this issue is tight Jammie's. Yes? I notice that bent legs usually gets that back tall. Thank you Amy & thank you PA
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Hysterical....I mean tight hammies!
Well, Jennifer, if your jammies were too tight it would be tough to straighten legs, too! 😄
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How bout a wedge?
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C-C-L ...yes a wedge would work too. We wanted to keep this tutorial short in length so I didn't go in as much depth as I could have . There are many options for assisting this issue, a wedge is certainly an option too.
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