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See how you can find connections in different parts of the body with Trent McEntire's Mat series. He teaches three classes that can be combined or taken separately. Each class has it's own category so you can focus on one thing at a time.
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Jul 12, 2017
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Hi, I'm Trent McEntire. Thank you for joining me on Palladio's. Anytime this series of three videos, each has its own category, so we have a spine health. It really focuses on strength and mobility of the spine. We have a video that is for your hips and lower back, and we have a video that's really for abdominal activation and they work together. You can make it one class. We do one video after another, or you could do each video by itself. If you rushed for time or you want to do something and get you jumpstarted in the morning or get you ready for bed at night.

If after you finished one or all of the classes and you have questions, I'd recommend that you put them in the forum and then I can help answer questions or give you suggestions. If you need modifications for anything, have a great time. Enjoy your class.

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The Mat for Spine Health video is wonderful..certainly something I can use with clients, so I am excited to see the other two in the series! Will those be available on Pilates Anytime or do I need to go elsewhere to find them?
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Krystal ~ We are glad that you are enjoying this series! The next class will be on the site next week and then the third will be the following week.
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All three are Super!! thank so much!
great class and tips, thank you
Hi Trent
I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine.  I am an advanced Pilates students and I go to reformer twice per week and mat once per week.  I have joined Pilates Anytime because they have many bone safe workouts.  I am just learning what I can do and what I can't do safely.  
These workouts look appropriate.
Is there any moves I should not do or modify.
Thanks Susan
Mariette S
Excited to try these classes and mobilize my spine!
Cynthia G
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So glad to return to this series, especially at the beginning of the year for me.  So valuable, thanks Trent and PA.

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