Class #3121

Mat for Hips and Low Back

25 min - Class


Your spine will feel brand new after this Mat workout with Trent McEntire. He teaches subtle movements which use lower back support during hip and leg activity. By the end of the class you will feel more space between your vertebrae.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

About This Video


I'm Trent McEntire, welcome to class. We're gonna start lying on your back. And you wanna get comfortable so that you have your arms about 45 degrees from your body. And your palms are...

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Fantastic class!
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Back feels great after class. Hips not so much. ))
Great Dorit ! :)
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I love this series so far! Thank you :)
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Thanks, Trent! I needed this. Oh, and so do most of my clients! ;)
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Loved it!!
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What a fantastic class, what a lovely voice to listen to and very clear instruction . Thank you Trent .
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nice session....absolutely loved the subtle progressions.
so by .strengthening & lengthening hips we are able to stabilize in the low back better thus avoiding low back tightness & pain?
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Im a veteran of about 100,000 hip twists. It felt completely new and much improved with Trent's instruction. I think it is literally the first time my abdominals were recruited to do the work. I'm not a pilates teacher but have taught this exercise to thousands of pregnant women. My guidance is going to be soooo vastly improved. My own daily practice too. Thank you.
Yes! Jennifer !
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