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Active Aging Strategies

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If you or your client are in the active aging population and looking for a way to do your daily activities better, then this tutorial with Erika Quest is great for you. She talks about who is part of this population and what the general workout protocols are. She also shares different patterns and compensations to look for as well as concepts to help correct or prevent common issues down the road.
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Sep 17, 2017
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Hi everyone, my name is Erika Quest. I'm super excited to be here today. I'm going to give you a little active aging tutorial. A little bit about me, I'm from Southern California, I've...


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Great information! As an active aged myself (51) I've found out that there is lost mobility and flexibility that I wasn't even aware of until I tried to do certain movements, low squats for example. I am also coming to realize that I need a longer warm up time which I've started incorporating. I'm coming off of an injury but have already prewatched some of your bosu classes and can't wait to try them! Thanks for the wealth of information and for your wonderful personality!
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Oh Lori Thank you for being my first comment on my tutorial! YAY! I really appreciate you watching and the information being personal and relevant. Much much love, Erika
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Im in awe of you.. I work with a ton of active agers and love it wherever you show up to PA! A wealth of good sensible information and your personality is so inspiring . I hope you do a workshop here.. my goal in the near future is to get more certifications to work with this age group. Definitely my favorite
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Hi Erika, I really love the way you teach and would like to study with you. I'm going to look to see if you have any classes coming up. This was a great video that I found so informative thank you!
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Hey Jamie Kirk and jeannene Thanks for watching my latest Active Aging tutorial! I just love this population so very much and am SO proud that I'm keeping many of my active aging clients living independently long term. I'll definitely consider doing a deeper workshop on this population in the future and really appreciate your comments. Much love, Erika
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Good information! I can see every age benefiting from these examples. Thanks!
Indeed Sharon This is a very true statement and I check on all ages, truth be told, especially with the unilateral bridging. You are welcome and thank you! Much love, Erika
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Hi Erica,
I teach a balance class at a Cancer center in San Jose as well as own a private Pilates studio. My client base is primarily over 50 active agers. (Definitely adopting that phrase!) I would love to take a workshop with you. Please add me to your email list for upcoming training. Love your style and appreciate your expertise. Sally
Hi Sally Oh thanks for your sweet comment! Well, next time I'm up at PA, perhaps I'll consider doing a longer workshop for CECs as this tutorial is getting a lot of traction. It's such an important age group and one that is only getting bigger + values their health and wellness and has the time and money to do so. Much love, Erika
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Yes! I’d love it as obviously so many more would too.
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