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Extension Connection

50 min - Tutorial


Look at two different bodies to see how we can improve extension in this tutorial with Karen Sanzo. She discusses the difference between what it means to tuck the pelvis versus bringing the ribs back and how these affect your alignment. Whether you are trying to elongate your spine or go into a full backbend, it is important to bring all of the important pieces so that you can create a good extension in your spine.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat, Towel, Reformer Box

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Oct 07, 2018
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Hi, I'm Karen Sanzo and today we're going to do a tutorial. It's going to be a little lengthy, but it's going to be a good one. And it's called the extension connection. In one of my p...

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I always learn so much from you Karen. You make it all very accessible. Thank you.
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This was very informative. I appreciate how you used 2 different bodies with varying abilities to show how to help each one achieve extension properly. Thank you!
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Thank you both for the first two comments. This tutorial could've gone on a long time. I have a lot to say as we progress into backbending over the short box and into active backbending following thigh stretch.
Stay tuned.
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Love this, so much information... I will be watching this many times over to get it all into my little brain! Love you!
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So great to have another class from you, [Karen Sanzo. Such important work for all of us.
Karen Sanzo, this is such great information! Thank you!
Karen thank you ! You really have a wonderful teaching voice :)
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Awesome thank You thank You :)
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Karen, this is so helpful to breakdown all the details so clearly. when you get to the exercise this makes sense working hard where you should.
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