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The Mary Bowen Historical Film

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The Mary Bowen Historical Film, Joseph H. Pilates, Demonstrating the Principals of His Method with Clara, Students, and Friends (1932-1945)

Compiled and edited by Mary Bowen, this video, outstanding in letting us know Joe and Clara, is made up of films taken of Joe and Clara themselves and clients between the years 1932-1945. Reels and reels of these vintage films were given to Mary Bowen at the opening of her larger studio YOUR OWN GYM in 1981 in Northampton, MA. Ten years later Mary studied all the reels of footage choosing out the best examples for compiling this Historical Pilates DVD on Joe, Clara, clients and friends, 1932-45. During this time period, Joe was in his prime, 49-62.

Note: This footage does not have sound, it shows the images only.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Oct 24, 2018
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Joe - self-demanding, demanding to clients. Didactic...
Never say "I know all about pilates after 14 (+ xy) years.
Thank you.
Cheryl Z
Zahida H
this was wonderful to watch the method and the potential of change that can occur if one applies from Queens, zahida
Zahida H
improvement like one of dance movement instructors, turning his head sideways as well, really doing from queens, zahida
Zahida H
3rd time watching it is a charm, amazing expressions by student, Joe and Clara, very exciting...
Zahida H

she is looking at him with such adoration....

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