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Mary Bowen

Mary Bowen

In 1959, at 29, Mary Bowen began to learn the Pilates Method. She was in New York City as an actress, comedienne, and musical comedy performer with a recurring back problem.
Read More She saw an article in a newspaper with a man standing with his bare barrel of a chest, bare legs, swimming trunks and a white mane of hair. Joe was an intriguing sight – a human lion! In the short article he said "I base my method on the baby and the cat!" She had never had a baby or a cat, but she took it upon herself to find Joseph Pilates! That was the beginning of a life "root."

Mary's back improved after only two lessons with Joe. Since walking into Joe and Clara's studio fifty years ago, she has taken one to two lessons every week for all those years. Her New York City Pilates teachers have been: 6 and a half years twice a week with Joe, Clara and Hanna, 7 years with Bob Seed, 7 years at Romana Krysanowska's, 7 years with Kathy Grant, 7 years with Bruce King and Jean Claude West concurrently, and since 1995 with Christine Wright.

The time and expense of lessons over the years has insured the deepening of her Pilates work. She recommends that all Pilates teachers should find someone excellent to watch over and guide their own Pilates practice. This can be pivotal to the development of oneself and one's teaching.
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