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Reconnecting to You

40 min - Tutorial


Explore how movement can help you through times of change with this workout by Jenna Zaffino. We all face moments when we are not sure who we are and feel disconnected to who we see in the mirror. By focusing on breathing and creating an internal awareness, you will be able to move more freely on the outside and reconnect to your joy of movement.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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In this class, we're going to explore how movement can affect and help us through the Times where we've experienced change in our lives. Maybe it's within our environments, maybe it's ...


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Delicious class—exceptional teacher—treasured gifts. Thank you.
this class made me SO happy! thank you dear jenna
This was really lovely, Jenna. This latest series of videos have been terrifically helpful for me and where I am in my movement journey. Thank you for sharing these classes from your heart! ❤️
"...and this is a beautiful thing." Thank you for this gift of a class, your inspiring words and your soothing voice.
Lovely... just what I need today, rolling around and reconnecting to myself (my car broke down yesterday and it seemed overwhelming, but today I realise it is not!)
This class feels amazing! Thanks Jenna! 😊🙏🙌
What a graceful class and remarkable teacher. Thank you!
Great exploration in so many ways!
My first classes with you Jenna and I really enjoyed them-beautiful insight into our movement - delivered perfectly-thank you for sharing .
o wow, inspiring! thanx :D
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