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Dealing with the Overwhelm

30 min - Class


Learn ways to cope with intense feelings of stress and overwhelm with this movement class by Jenna Zaffino. Our bodies listen to the soundtrack that our minds put out there and sometimes they can be negative. She explores different aspects of breath and movement that will bring you to a state where you have a little more perspective and space to navigate through your world.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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In this class we're going to explore movement as a means of helping us work our way through times of intense stress and overwhelm. Our bodies are listening to the stories and the sound...


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What a feeling of lightness, balance and ease this class gives ! And it seems so natural, every move follows the former one as if it was the only possible thing to do ! It really seems like it’s what the body wishes to do.
Is it usefull to add that I loved the class ?
Thank you so much @evelyn! That was exactly my intention and I’m so glad you liked it!!
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Jenna's 'twist' on Fletcher work creates a stretch and release in the areas of my body which have been stuck for many years...hope to work with you more, in the coming weeks. Thx
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Can I just say that you may have saved my life today! Ok...I’m exaggerating a bit. However, you definitely gave me back a little of my sanity! Dealing with a sewer back up which has destroyed the beautiful Pilates space that I have in my home. Telling myself as it gets put back together that things could be much worse. Thank you so much for this class !
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right to my favourites! thank you SO much for sharing your work jenna
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Life improved with that class! I look forward to sharing it with my clients. Thank you Jenna for your inspiration..
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Fletcher + yoga+ Graham + Jenna= awesome!
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Beautiful, mindful teaching. Thank you, Jenna, for helping to brighten my evening after a tough day at work.
So wonderful!!!! 🙏 thank you !
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Wow! It was awesome! I was tired and now I feel light and full of energy! Thank you, Jenna!
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