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Bridging the Gap

30 min - Class


If you have fallen away from your practice due to illness or injury, then this Mat class by Jenna Zaffino is perfect for you! She explores the idea of bridging the gap between your time away and your full practice so you can ease back into movement in a simple and effective way. By remembering how to use your breath and move your body, you will reignite the spark that will make you want to get back to your routine.
What You'll Need: Mat

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In this class, we're going to explore the idea of bridging the gap between a time when you've fallen away from your [inaudible] practice and time when you are back into your flow. For ...


What a beautiful way to reconnect with my body after a long holiday. Gentle and yet ultra effective and just gorgeous. My old injured hips thank you, I am ready to step into the new year>
Thank you so much Christine Lynn Yours is the first comment and such a meaningful one for me. Thank you for watching and I’m so glad this class served you well!
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Well done! That was what i need after a very long holiday. I can feel my body again. Thank you Jenna Zaffino !
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Wow, this is exactly where I am right now!
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Jenna that was fabulous. Thank you so much
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Ahhhh....sweet Jenna is back! This was a perfect self care session! Loved the exploration, flow and groundedness! Thank you!
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Thank you Jenna😀, Nice to see you back !
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In between of my kemotherapy sessions this class is very encouraging, relaxation of my body and feeling relief in this gap...thank you Jenna ...I believe we have something in common in our souls...
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Hi, Jenna! This class reminded me how much I loved the movement. I love a “room to be yourself “ that you offer to people in your teaching. This class makes us to look deeper inside of us. Thank you.
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