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If you need help deciding where to place your device when you take our classes, then this quick tutorial by Amy Havens is perfect for you! She shows a few different options with devices of various sizes so that you can find what will allow you to take class easily and efficiently with our videos.
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Mar 17, 2019
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Hi, welcome. My name is Amy havens. I'm here to help you set up your devices that you'll be using to watch our videos. So you'll see what I have here. I've outlined three different, uh, devices. That's not all of them, by the way, I don't have a TV set up here, but what I have is my small handheld device, my phone, I have an iPad or a tablet and I do have my laptop up there as well. But if you're at home or in your office or your workout space, your den or your basement that you've set up for your designated space, you may have a TV that you're looking at to watch any and all are good. Of course the larger might be easier, middle down to smaller, of course, it will be a little more challenging to watch. So in this scenario how I've got this set up, if I were to sit down on my mat and begin class, we're hoping as teachers on this website that we're talking you through class and using our words very clearly that you won't have to really turn your head too much to strain your neck to take a look at what we're doing.

But if you know, so here's how I've got that set up. I'm gonna make a choice here possibly to elevate my smaller item because I was actually having a hard time seeing my laptop. So what if I just exchange these out? You know, we want you to be very successful in seeing what we're doing. That actually I think is going to work a little better right now. Yeah, I like that. All right. But there's still some other options. Instead of you having to do so much adjusting or moving your items around, what if you just move your mat or move how you are watching your devices?

So let's take a look at this. We want it to be as easy as comfortable, as efficient as possible for you to view. And participate in our classes. Yes, that's even better I think so. I don't want to move my head too much during class. Ideally you as the student taking class with us are not having to turn your head that much at all, so we're doing our best to speak clearly and instruct clearly, but I want to challenge you.

I'd love for you to start practicing right away on using your ears and listen more than having to turn your head and constantly look. Now we're all very different learners. Some of us are very visual and you need to see what you're looking at to learn and that's wonderful. Some of you are very auditory learners and you might only need to listen. Some of us are both and you're going to need to listen and watch, but as you become more efficient in your [inaudible] practice and doing classes with us in your work environment, your home environment, you probably won't have to continue looking.

We're doing our best to teach it in such a way that our words are very clear that all you have to do is lie on your Mat, get in your body, get going, and take a, I hope that's helped you and learning and kind of thinking about where you can set up your devices to take classes with us. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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Cynthia G
Thanks.  I have a desktop so sometimes my view is challenged.  I want to thank you to all instructors that you can go through a class without looking.  It is nice to have 'eye contact' though but not always necessary
Paula H
I would like to know what kind of mic you are using. I bought a mic and now I have orded a mixer but I see that you use something on your waste or arm. do you have any advise? do you think the mixer you attach on the computer is better than the one you attach on your waist? Your advise is very important. thank you. Paula
I have been using my tv, but find that I am twisting my head and neck too much. I am now using my laptop on a lower level which has helped tremendously. Now, I need to work on listening more.... thanks for this video!

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