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Weak Shoulder Modifications

35 min - Tutorial


Learn how to use your arms correctly so you can strengthen your entire body with this tutorial by Monica Wilson. She explains what to omit and how you can modify exercises if you have a weak shoulder, elbow, or wrist. When you understand how everything is connected, you will be able to progress in your Pilates practice safely.
What You'll Need: Mat, Towel, Magic Circle

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May 19, 2019
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Hi Today. I would love to help you feel like there is no reason you can't do the let's get started series on Peloton anytime. Even if you have a weak shoulder, elbow, or wrist, or if y...

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Morning. I have a client who’s entire shoulder and arm is taped up. Her serratus anterior and lower traps I feel aren’t contributing. And the upper trap and pec minor is tight -&Can you add some help for calming the nerves from cervical spine and I’d like to help. Maybe some more static Rx ? Thank you
monica,it's a very inspiring tutorial,thanks so much .

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