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Weak Hip/Knee Modifications

30 min - Tutorial


If you have weak hips or knees, then this tutorial by Monica Wilson will help you create a strong foundation for your Pilates practice. She explains how everything in the body is connected so you can develop a basic understanding of how you should move. By incorporating her tools and tips, you will be able to stay safe in each class you take.
What You'll Need: Mat

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May 05, 2019
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Hi, today, I would love to give you the tools and tips you need to do the let's get started program on Peloton anytime. Even if you have a weak hip or weak knee. What do I mean by a we...

The Successful Beginner - Playlist 3: Beginner Modifications


Monica these" Lets get started " videos are so full of critical information for us, for both student as well as teacher.  Thank you !!!
Very helpful for students who are injured 
Thank you Monica for these amazing tutorials. Please can you help me, I can't find class 333 you recommended re hip flexor stretches, and also where is the lets get started series? Thanks so much!

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