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Workshop #3870

Cueing for Success

1 hr 45 min - Workshop


Join Carrie Pages in her workshop where she shares tools to help you take control over your sessions so you can keep your clients engaged. She offers 5 key connections that you can use to look at the body in front of you and see what's really happening rather than repeating the same cues you always use. Learning this concept will keep you excited about your work so you can avoid boredom and burnout.


- Learn tools to help you address tech neck, computer posture, and other common alignment issues

- Learn ways to get your client back on track if they start to get distracted during their session

- Use different exercises and pieces of apparatus to help your clients achieve the posture and alignment that is ideal for them

What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat, Wall, Pilates Pole, Foam Roller

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Aug 30, 2019
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<h3>Chapter 1</h3>
<v 0>Hi everyone. <v 0>Thank you so much for joining me for this workshop today and for you lovely <v 0>ladies f...

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Very smart & useful workshop! I would love more workshops from you, Carrie!
Thanks so much, Jodi!  I'm so glad you found it helpful!

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