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Reformer Group Formatting

2 hr 25 min - Workshop


Join Courtney Miller in her workshop that will help you build consistency in the way you express yourself and teach. She shares her three-step intelligent group programming technique that will help you build a roadmap for your classes so you can eliminate any surprises that could show up. She starts with a discussion, explaining her layering system, and then moves onto movement flows so you can see the technique in action.


- Learn layering techniques and other strategies to help you maintain continuous movement and precision

- Learn how you can create a positive experience for your client

- Learn when and how to use reset exercises to help your clients maintain their connections and precision during the challenging exercises

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What You'll Need: Reformer

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Dec 14, 2018
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Hi Guys. I am Courtney Miller and welcome to my progressions and group formatting reformer workshop. Um, this is a workshop that I will teach in a live setting. It's part of my whole body integration ...

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Amazing as always. I have learnt so much from Courtney on Pilates anytime. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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Courtney, really loving this workshop. I've taken your workshops in person and online, and they are fabulous in either format; however, given the amount of content (information) given in this workshop, I think I prefer the online version. Thank you so much for offering this on Pilates Anytime, although a trip to Encinitas would have been nice too.

Tip: Print the PDF workshop manual before you begin. So much good information and lots of room to take notes.

Pilates Teachers: Trust me, you will benefit from this no matter how long you've been teaching, how experienced you are or how much training you've had. You will love.
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Thanks for a lot information!:) how can I download your PDF workshop manual??
Oh ~ Once you purchase the workshop, there will be a link to the pdf below the description. If you have any trouble downloading it, please email us at
Amazing! well worth the money! I'm just starting out and this was very informative.
Where is the pdf file ..
wow amazing.. Thank you..
Great workshop! I really loved the sequences and the progression. It's a great way to of thinking! Thank's! Please thing to do this kind of workshop on a wunda chair.
Tina ~ There is a link underneath the description once you purchase the workshop. If you go to the full site or mobile version of the site, you should see it. If you have any trouble accessing it, please email us at
Terrific guidelines! Thank you😃👍
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