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Becoming: Secrets to Thrive

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You have a unique gift that only you can offer as a Pilates teacher. In this course, Niedra Gabriel will help you uncover, define, and shape your gifts so you can truly thrive in your business. She offers tools that will allow you to design your business around your lifestyle so that you can ensure it aligns with your core beliefs and desires.
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Sep 04, 2019
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This is about you. You have a unique gift that only you can bring to the world as a teacher and in this course you will uncover it, define it, give it substance, give it form, and have the skills and tools to know what to do out there in the big world. My name is [inaudible] Gabriel. Please join me in my course becoming the secret to thriving as a teacher. In this course, we will cover what you really believe about Palati.

What's your purposes as a teacher that is unique to you and actually drives you to teach how to deal with inner negative self talk, your innate personality, your unique personality as a teacher and the type of client you are designed to serve. You will also learn how to design your business or your work around your lifestyle in a creative manner. Silk Aligns with your true vision and desires in life and your core beliefs. Please join me on this journey. We will take it together.


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