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Get ready for self-exploration with this new course by Niedra Gabriel. In this video, she explains the best way to approach this series and how you can participate on your own and with your peers. If you give this work 100%, you will get so much more in return!
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome to becoming the secret to thriving as a teacher, although this is not a secret, but the tips for success are the guidelines that will help you unlock the code to who you are an...


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Self investigation/ what makes us tick is such a good thing to do  to ensure we are fulfilling our potential. Excited about the outcomes. Thank you Niedra  and PA for enabling this series. I have my notebook ready........ 
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Ok, I'm in!  Good timing for me, as I am turning 65 next week, and reflecting on myself as an instructor and the direction I want to see my studio take.  Defining who I want to be serving has been on my mind, so I am delighted to see that as a topic covered in this series.  
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I so love you! This comes at a perfect time and I know it can take me to my next level! Your energy is amazing and I've learned so much from you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
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Thank you so much to putting all together and sharing your wisdom with us. It came such a good time, and I am so excited being in this group and thinking of what it will bring :)
A very good time for me too; I feel very blessed to be continuing to develop and learn within this wonderful community:)

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