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Get ready for self-exploration with this new course by Niedra Gabriel. In this video, she explains the best way to approach this series and how you can participate on your own and with your peers. If you give this work 100%, you will get so much more in return!
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome to becoming the secret to thriving as a teacher, although this is not a secret, but the tips for success are the guidelines that will help you unlock the code to who you are and what is going to make you successful as a teacher. Before we start, I would like to invite you to understand what, how to approach being part of this course and how to participate. Because if you give it 100% you will get back 200% but you really, really have to participate. You have to bring yourself to the table, be ready to have a lot of honest self-respect, action, and explore and excavate what's inside of you. Because you know what, there's nobody else but you who can do this kind of work. So 100% participation and you will get a life changing trajectory for yourself as a teacher. So what is it going to take? Schedule the segment time ahead of time in your diary or in your whatever computer you want to be able to turn up and give the course undivided attention.

You want to be there 100% so you can get out of it 100% have a computer or journal ready because you will have exercises you will need to do in each segment and you want to be able to right there and then participate and then reflect back and review what you wrote and enhance and work on it throughout the week or until you're onto your next segment. The course by the way, is designed very specifically to develop the material. So each segment is built on what was covered before it. And the next segment we'll rely on, you already have some prior knowledge and foundation set up. So do those segments in order and don't jump around promise you're going to be going through a lot of changes. So notice them between each segment and lesson things are going to happen.

You are going to become a different person. So observe yourself, learn and write them down in your journal because this is part of the journey, not just that segment, but what happens in between. To be honest, that's when it's really, really important cause that's what it's all about. Trust the process. Something is growing inside of you that you may be unfamiliar with. So allow the journey to pull you on. And most importantly, we are doing this as a group, as a community post and share each segment, each discovery, everything that you find about yourself in the forum, read what other people are sharing about themselves.

You have no idea what your post do for someone else. It may define something they didn't know was true for them, and they go, yes, that is me. This is what I want, this is my truth. And the same will apply right back to you. You may read what someone else's saying and it may change your world and give you clarity that you were a little bit fuzzy about teams and teamwork and community work is amazing. Together. Everyone achieves more. Let's get started.



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Self investigation/ what makes us tick is such a good thing to do  to ensure we are fulfilling our potential. Excited about the outcomes. Thank you Niedra  and PA for enabling this series. I have my notebook ready........ 
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Ok, I'm in!  Good timing for me, as I am turning 65 next week, and reflecting on myself as an instructor and the direction I want to see my studio take.  Defining who I want to be serving has been on my mind, so I am delighted to see that as a topic covered in this series.  
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I so love you! This comes at a perfect time and I know it can take me to my next level! Your energy is amazing and I've learned so much from you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
Thank you so much to putting all together and sharing your wisdom with us. It came such a good time, and I am so excited being in this group and thinking of what it will bring :)
A very good time for me too; I feel very blessed to be continuing to develop and learn within this wonderful community:)

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