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Welcome to Lesson 1! Today Niedra asks you to think about what gives a teacher longevity. She encourages you to connect to your basic beliefs to remember what you love about Pilates so that you can find what inspired you to begin teaching.
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Sep 04, 2019
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Welcome. I appreciate you turning up this course. Becoming the secret to thriving as a teacher is intended to share with you and give you all the secrets and all the knowledge that you will never taught in teacher training. In order to get all this knowledge you need to participate 100% and I really hope you do so. Participation has three parts to it. The first part is you turn up, you're here, you did that. Good job. Now the second part is the drills, the exercises that looking into yourself and finding the answers to the questions that I will be presenting as we go through this.

And the third part is sharing with the community, writing up your successes, your discoveries, your exploration after the lesson. Because when we share, we raise the bar for everybody. We learn from each other. We discover new things and communities. Really how we thrive, not all alone by ourselves. In order to do this and participate, you need something to write with. So if you don't have a laptop with you, you don't have a notepad, something to take notes. Please pause the video right here and get yourself set up because starting with lesson number one, you're diving right in together with me and I'm so excited, excited that you're going to be sharing this journey with me and [inaudible]. Why just some teachers have longevity, some teachers don't. I know that you're interested in teaching, maybe you're considering a teacher training.

Maybe you've just stepped out of a training and you're beginning to get your feet wet with clients. Maybe you've been doing this for a year, part time or full time. Maybe it's five years or 10 years into this and it's different for each one of you, but I know that is a very painful journey on some aspect. For some of you, some of you who give up, many teachers get burnt out and they lose that spark and that joy that was there for them. And I want to raise the bar for you. This course is about addressing all of that, allowing you to discover what makes some teachers successful, have a lot of longevity, find the art of teaching, expanding their lives, and then others, music confidence, feel like imposters stop and give up. And there's a secret here, which is it's not needing to learn more. You don't need more knowledge. That's usually what happens. I don't know enough, I need to go and take more courses. No, it's not knowledge.

I say that because I know teachers that only did beginner mat 16 hours and they have a career out of it. They love it. They're thriving and it's changed their life. So it really is not more knowledge. And we all have our bad days. We all put a photo up on Facebook and then there's a zillion comments telling us how bad it is and how incorrect.

Or we see someone doing a fantastic exercise and we feel so inadequate. Maybe a client walks in and says, my chiropractor told me I should never do it and you need to call him so we can explain to you what I'm allowed to do or not do. And here you where you thought you were the expert or you have a client that says, it's not working for me. My abs are not firing. You know we have those days. I've had those days. You have those days when things go wrong and you wonder, am I in the right career? Who am I?

I'm standing here supposedly an expert of some kind and I know nothing. Yeah, you know what exactly you know exactly what I'm talking about. And then you think, oh, maybe I should be thin or I should be taller. I should have red hair, I should be blonde, I should be more muscular. All of that noise that goes on in all of our heads.

So the real question is how do we weather this? How do we walk through all of this and hold our own and know who we are and represent what we believe in? How do we navigate all of this? And it's what you believe it. What's true for you. It's your belief system. Belief systems are these foundational truths that we build a whole life around and all of us have them for much of everything.

I believe that I really like coffee. I have friends who believe they hate coffee, so they have a completely different relationship with it. Um, other belief systems, I believe that I, that the sun is good for me. Other people believe the sun is bad for them to sell. We have belief systems, they run and influence everything about our lives. So in order to sort out what you believe about [inaudible] and about teaching, we have to start earlier. We have to go back to when you started [inaudible] and you went, I like this. I'm interested in this.

So let me give you an example for myself. I actually had been doing pilates for quite awhile as a beginning dancer. I was told it was going to make me stronger, didn't really raise the bar for me. I took the classes, but I was not interested in it. And it wasn't until later when I took some classes in this case it was with Ramana that something about how she taught me. And what she demanded out of my body and what he was making other people do was like, wow, this is gonna make me really, really, really good. I, it's gonna change everything about everything else that I'm doing in my life.

I want to know more about this. I'm going to do this workout, I'm going to use it with other people. And I could see it was cracking the code on my inabilities. I was sold, I was interested, I was inspired. Cause I could see that this applied to both beginners and to super advanced people. So I was in each and every one of you has that moment where you decided, I'm interested. I want to learn more.

It could be much of anything. Maybe you just saw somebody else highly enthusiastic and you said, I want what they have. I want that. This is really, really important because this is your truth and this is the beginning of your understanding yourself very well in this arena. So please pause the video right now and write down what happened, what was going on in your life, what happened when you took that workout, that class, that experience, that made you want more, it something happened there. So take your time. I'm here and start looking and write this down.

[inaudible] great. Do you know that you beginning to get in touch with your original belief system that unique to you because this is true for you, that those moments were true, and we're going to be digging more into that. This is part of your unique treasures. It's going to be the foundation that you'll be built. Everything that you thrive on. This is your earth.

So what was it that motivated you to teach something actually happened as well that made you interested in sharing this and influencing other people and want to be a teacher? So for me, I had a lot of problems in my body. I actually struggled a lot as a dancer with a lot of technical inabilities and I wanted to solve them. And first of all has helped me resolve that. And my personality was such that I really wanted to help other people. So I'd have a fellow dancer in class telling me about something they're struggling with and I'd be like, I want to let, let me show you what I'm learning. Let me show you what I'm doing.

I got pulled into this desire to help other people. I found myself after class kind of working with friends and that was the beginning of what made me want to teach. I realized that I really love sharing what I do with others and I want to help them. I would get excited when somebody else got better because I gave them some whatever formula. I discovered something for myself. So my motivation for teaching is to help other people and to help them discover something that they didn't know about themselves and raise the bar for themselves. I mean, I could kind of stand here and like preach about what turns me on as a teacher. But you have this as well.

You have something that's driving you to want to teach and work with other people. So please pause the video right here and write down your ideas. [inaudible] let's now delve into what your beliefs are about [inaudible]. So there are some basic beliefs you have about this subject and about the field that it works in. It PyLadies after all is a type of exercise. So let me give you some examples of what I believe about is to kind of show you what I'm talking about.

Pilates for me is part of the health and fitness industry. It is a type of exercise that focuses on alignment, connection, discovering weaker muscles. It brings back functional movement to the body. It's a way to really rev up the nervous system in a healthy way so people can go out and then have a fun life for themselves. I believe that [inaudible] repairs dysfunction.

I believe Po, I believe that [inaudible] could be an ideal one stop shop type of exercise. And it doesn't have to be, um, for myself, I actually consider it like a mechanical, you know, you take your car to the mechanic and you get the tuneup, you get everything put back, you clean the oil, you change the oil, you do this, you do that, you repair things so that your car is driving in tip top shade. For me, that's what Peloton is, is it's a PR way to put your body to tip top shape, and then you can go out and play soccer, football, tennis, whatever other stuff you like to do or I like to do that messes you up and trashes your body. Because I know that I can bring my body back to polarities and put myself back together again because it repairs imbalances and misalignments. So these are all true.

These are foundational beliefs that I have about PyLadies. So what I would like for you to do right now is to have a look and see what is true for you about politeness. Please pause the video and write down what's true for you and [inaudible] can you feel the power of this, the power of what turns you on the power of what you believe about what Peloton can do, this motivation that's driving you as a teacher, this is really, really important. This is what keeps you going through the rough times. What's also very interesting about this is this is very emotional.

It's actually not logical. The way we think about it and what is fascinating about all of us is that we actually do not make decisions logically. We make them emotionally. The part of ours that makes decisions is as a part of the brain. That's not our prefrontal cortex. If that's what it's called, where we have logical thought, it's something else. It's like that time when you have this gut feeling or you walk into a room and you really, really like that person and there's somebody else, you're not as easy around them.

Those are all emotional kind of radar ways. You're navigating your life. It is senior to very intelligent, logical thought. It really is what's driving you. So when you connect with this emotional foundational truth that's true for you, you are actually setting up a system that you can stand by and you know what's amazing?

The people that believe the same things are going to want to be attracted to you. They will find you and you will find them because you line up, you're on the same track, on the same wavelength, and that's very, very important for you to get some momentum for yourself and also be happy because you're hanging with the same crowd of people. I want you to look over everything you wrote down that moment where you said, I want to learn more about Palladio's, all the benefits that you got from [inaudible] and you as a result of it, that it's good for you. What motivated you to be a teacher? What was the driving force behind this and then what you believe about Palladio's in general. These are all your foundational truths.

Okay? So please close your eyes right now and just step into this place in this state where you felt good from doing plays. You felt good about wanting to help people. There was a hope you had. And embody it and treasure it. See if you could connect in with this emotionally, not just with a bunch of words on a piece of paper.

It's far more powerful to take it in and make it part of your essence, because remember, other people will be attracted to it. So you, you want it up front for you. So just allow yourself to rebel in this and make it good. And then when you're ready, take a big breath in. Breathe out, bring yourself back to this moment and open your eyes. Well Dad, you just connected in with your basic belief systems about what mode invading you to be a teacher, what you love about the subject, and what you think about this subject in general. That is awesome. So homework and I have to confess something with you.

We're not calling it homework, we're calling it fun practice because homework is associated with, you know, work. But we like to have fun and you know, just like in piles, you practice makes progress. We're not going for perfection here. We're just going for progress. The first time you do an exercise, you're not so good at it, but the more you repeat it, the more you refine it, the more capacity you get to practice makes progress and fun. Practice is going to enrich everything about this journey for you. So read over everything that you started in this lesson, refine it. You may have other ideas and other memories come up for you.

Add them in. This is part of what will enrich you if you already teach, please remember these things before you step into your next teaching moment or day or client. Connect into it. You will notice that you teach from a different place. You are different person when this is forefront for you as your inspiration and your state of being and also post in the forum afterwards. Share with others what you finding out about yourself.

I like say that we all do better as a team and team stands for teas, teams together. T stamps stands for together. E everyone ae achieves m more together. Everyone achieves more. And by the way, I've decided to play with more that last m and now I call it miracles. So together everyone achieves miracles. Now why is it so useful to share what you're discovering?

Because you'll get to read what everybody else is discovering and guess what? It raises the bar. So please do that. Well done. Next lesson we'll be going into your ideal teacher yourself. See you in the next lesson.


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Hello dear Nidra ...what for an amazing idea to talk about these points. l give you the reason of everything you pointed about Pilates allaround. I am 100% agree as well. What l think about this and what is the impact in myself after this WS. Well, You raise me up! Being a Pilates teacher is not an easy job ....after many years with my private clients in my small Pilates Studio l can tell you that This profesional life in area of Body and wellneess is like challenge for me and my students...and this energie keep us together like a TEAM. Thanks you dear Nidra ...l love your conducction in this WS. Lady Luz
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Please excuse me for write your name wrong Niedra🙏
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That was great Niedra,  I didn't even realised how much I needed to answer those questions...  I'm already lifted up, more motivated to do Pilates and happy about my choice to becoming a teacher . Thank you Niedra, you are a smart lady and very lovely!  
Niedra Gabriel
Paulinka Lady Luz , Thank you both for posting and sharing - it is so important to stay connected to your truth and your heart beat in this profession. Please keep going , you are supposed to thrive and be proud of your gifts , this is all here for you!
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Thanks you dear Niedra for posting these nice words.
Now making reflexion about this new theme about the Ideal Teacher Self l need to say that after remembering the negative expiriences like having Prominent teachers that ignores your potencial or push you down giving you the feelling to broke your selfconfidence ..well it sound very hard but sometimes it is like that or in the opposite way the great positives experiences where you find a teacher that really guides you to continue your way and wake up the light that it is in yourself and this was sometimes with some words like You can do it“ or just a touch in my body that it shows to me that there is more to explore there...these simple things were for me inspire actions.
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Resuming myself ideal teacher is Guide with knowledge and support and grow up the selfconfidence of my student or client.
This is already happening ....already some clients in my studio ..between them Doctors and Manager of high position told me once l wish to have your profession in the way you do...and this is for me the best gift and complement l can receive ever.
Rhonda K
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I’m intrigued. Thank you for this. I’m new to pilates, and I’m a new teacher but I want to learn and to find ways that I can contribute to the community. So much to learn that I’m sometimes overwhelmed. Ah, so much more to share. I’ll end with this... thank you. I look forward to this journey.
Niedra Gabriel
Rhonda and Lady Luz , thank you both for your posts, take time to write down all that you are discovering,  spending time on the words will later serve you well when you talk to people about what you do and what you believe. This is Valuable and Important, to know this! not only on the inside, but on the outside.  Keep discovering yourself... 
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Thank you, Niedra. Your videos are coming at a perfect time, as I start a new season of teaching. I always feel a crisis of confidence before every class. I am still a little new at it, but I love Pilates for all the same reasons you mentioned. I also want to teach people to respect themselves, to connect with their inner selves, and to reflect on issues that we all struggle with. I like to start each class with a few words about important issues, like raising kids, what is feminism, how to we live in the "now", and oftentimes it turns into an interesting conversation, with everyone giving some input. Thanks for reinspiring me! 
Niedra Gabriel
Shannon beautiful, You sound like you bring wonderful qualities to your students, make friends with the feelings prior to starting a class.   It is your body revving up to greatness of the moment.   All good!
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