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Now that you know your 'why' and your priorities, you can get to the bread and butter of what you do. In this tutorial, Jared Kaplan talks through common mistakes teachers make in regards to their clients. He also shares solutions that will help you attract the clients you really want.
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Nov 10, 2019
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Hi, welcome back. So now that you have your why, your priorities, something to reduce your distraction and one thing that signals that you matter. Let's get into the bread and butter o...

Pilates, It's Your Business! - Playlist 4: Walk the Walk


How do you tell a person (in the red zone ) that you don't want to work with them anymore?
How do you suggest firing a client?
Wow Jared! You were really speaking to me there. I have that client....the energy suck, the negative energy walks in the door with her and everyone in the room can feel it. I spend three sessions a week with her and I want it to be no days a week! Anxious to hear how you answer the other questions on how to fire a client! I love your green, yellow, red column tool! 

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