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Now that you've committed to the challenge, Courtney has a few tips that will help you to be successful. She offers her recommendations for how often you should practice and she gives insight into what you will experience. She doesn't use any special equipment in these classes so you will be able to 'get your glow on' anytime and anywhere!
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Dec 26, 2019
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Welcome to ready, set glow. This is a 10 day challenge that is going to really push you to your edge. Let me tell you everything you need to know to be successful. The first thing you need to do is make a commitment. This workout is over 10 days so you can do it back to back.

You can space it out every other day, which is what I recommend or you can do two or three days a week, but once you set that commitment, stick to it. The other thing that you're going to need is a mat and if you don't have one then you can just use your floor. The exercises are all designed to be done anywhere and any time, every workout is going to be under 20 minutes and you also have the option to add in a five minute recovery stretch video at the end. These workouts are designed to be tough, so you'll be experiencing a combination of [inaudible] techniques with some fitness fusion as well as high intensity interval training and that's right. It is intense. 45 seconds of jumping.

There are modifications, but your muscles are going to be shaking and you are going to have your glow on, so stick with it. I promise you, you're going to get stronger. You're going to feel the difference, and you're going to see the difference. I am right there with you every workout. I am going through the exact same thing you are. I feel that burn. I feel that fatigue and I hear that little voice inside saying, you need to quit, but you know what? We're not going to under 20 minutes, we are going to get our glow on. Let's do this.

Ready, Set, Glow!: with Courtney Miller


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Great way to get back into the work after the holidays ! 
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Perks of Corona... finding this course!

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