Class #3950

HIIT Recovery

10 min - Class


Now that you've worked hard and gotten your heart rate up, Courtney invites you to cool down and release your body with this quick recovery class. She focuses on stretching and finding length so that you can feel fluid rather than rigid. She also encourages you to remember your breathing so that you can gently soften into each position.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


We have worked so hard, it's time to stretch. We're going to begin with our warmup routine, swinging those arms up, breathe in, and exhale forward fold feels a little bit different aft...


Perfect stretches for my morning routine! Feeling energized
Nice little yoga routine :) Pilates yoga. Same same but different.
love the stretches very energizing 
This entire series has been great for me getting back to my Pilates after the holiday’s and great ideas for adding high intensity to my classes! Thank you!

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