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Now that she has completed her second class with Tucker, Meredith Rogers shares how she knew that Tucker was ready to start adding choreography to her practice. She explains what she is looking for in Tucker's body as well as how she decides what to add.
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Jan 10, 2020
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So the first time Tucker and I worked together, we spent a lot of time and maybe a tedious amount of time to talk her or some of you I hope not. But um, we did delve very deep into breath and the muscular organization of breath and in different ways to find a deeper connection to the muscles in the trunk. I asked Tucker to go and practice that and integrate it into her work and she's done that. Not perfectly, but nothing is ever perfect. So we're going to keep moving forward with that. But I also may have mentioned to you that Tucker is a student who is going through a course and who needs to start organizing her information around a specific set of choreography. So the direction that I decided to go with Tucker today was knowing that she has been very diligent in organizing in the way that I've asked her to.

We've been practicing together as well. So I knew that she was ready to start taking on things that were maybe a little less simple or a little less tedious. So we got her moving through some choreography today, but we didn't let go of that idea of no we're not. We're going to keep trying. We're going to keep focusing on finding that really deep stabilization place because that is the basis of where all of this work comes from.

But we also don't want to hold our students back forever. We don't want to just have the moving tiny little movements we want to get. We want to give them information and then we want to keep focusing on the information that we're asking them to integrate but also get them moving through through other things. So today I chose some pretty simple choreography for Tucker, um, things that are in her course that I know that she'd be happy to know from a deeper place. And we did a another fairly simple session focusing on the same concepts as we focused on in her first session and also beginning to add pieces to her understanding of her movement in her body.

And we will continue to do that in a fairly systematic way as we go forward with one another. Thank you for being here with us. I hope that it's been a valuable learning experience for you as much as so as it has been for Tucker. I know that it has been for Tucker because she told me.


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