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Now that she has completed her third class with Tucker, Meredith Rogers shares how she is continuing to reinforce the concepts of initiating movement with the breath and creating depth in each movement so that she can create this habit to help her advance in her practice. She also shares how she is gradually adding more choreography so that she can maintain her quality of movement as she progresses.
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Mar 27, 2020
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In our session today, Tucker and I continued to work on what we've been working for since initiating this journey together and went back to the depth and the breath and initiating movement through breath. So that reminder is going to remain a constant through our sessions and we're going to continue to work on that. Also though I think it's important that we keep advancing Tucker and taking her through different pieces of equipment and different pieces of choreography with that focus in mind. So that's what we'll do. And today we worked on the Cadillac and I worked within the Bassey block system structure to help her be familiar with that or start familiarizing herself with that. And I selected exercises that again were very simple.

For the most part, the more advanced the choreography gets, the, the more difficult it is to, to come from a really integrated place. And so we're still working on creating that integration first. So she's building the strength that to, to work up to the more difficult movements which will come and tuck her in. I will continue to work behind the scenes and, uh, will continue to progress her in her practice that way. And we will see you again next time.


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