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Are you ready to mix up your practice? Our new program with Tracey Mallett offers athletic Reformer classes that will challenge your body with creative and innovative full-body movements. By the end of the series, you will feel inspired, refreshed, and challenged. Have fun!
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Apr 19, 2021
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(lively music) Are you ready for some new Reformer classes right here on Pilates Anytime? I'm Tracey Mallett; excited to bring my new program, Mix It Up Athletic Reformer classes. It's time to get toned, get inspired, and feel challenged. I truly believe that we have to challenge our body by mixing things up. You ready to get going?

See you soon. (lively music ends)

Pilates with Tracey Mallett: Mix It Up: Reformer


Looking forward to this! 
So beyond excited for new athletic reformer classes! Thanks for filming them!
Clemencia Puerta
Please Tracy!!!... awaiting for your classes with a lot of excitement!.....
I was so happy to see that a new program with Tracey was coming! Finished the Kick it Up challenge some time ago and loved it. Unfortunately I don’t have a reformer at home..  :(   I hope new mat classes/program/challenge will follow after this one. 🙏🏻  
Louise H
Can't wait for this series ... love your programs Tracey!
Denise N
More mat classes,  please! :) you're the best!

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