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Me and My New Hip

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Join Brent Anderson as he shares his experience with a total hip replacement. This series includes labs and lectures designed to take you from pre-surgery all the way through your return back to your life post-surgery. Whether you are considering this procedure for yourself or you're a teacher helping a client, this program will have many tools that you can use to help during the road to recovery.
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Apr 22, 2021
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(upbeat music) Hello. My name is Dr. Brent Anderson, founder of Polestar Pilates. It's exciting for me to be with you again on Pilates anytime. And especially talking about total hip replacements. This series of labs and lectures is specifically designed to take you from the pre-op of a total hip replacement, all the way to return to life. I hope that you'll find the information beneficial and useful in your Pilates practice.

I invite you to join me and especially look forward to your comments and questions on the Pilates anytime for help. (progressive music)


Daniela D
Hi Brent, just found your new program. I’m currently recovering from a PAO. Just completed my first rehab week with painadapted full weight bearing. Try to find the right exercises for a reformer training to improve my strength again. Looking forward to learn from your experiences!!!!

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