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Pilates w/HEART: On the Mat

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You will work your entire body with Courtney Miller's Pilates with HEART series! Each class has a different focus and she uses small props to give each workout a little variety. Get ready to sweat and have fun!
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Aug 26, 2021
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Hi guys, I'm Courtney Miller and I'm so excited to bring you my Pilates with Heart series on the mat. My Pilates with Heart series is five classes that you'll do on the mat with some small props. The first class is called Heat. We are gonna use some resistance, some jumping, and you will feel your muscles burn. Next up is Empower, and this class will really challenge your stability, coordination, and balance.

Align is a traditional Pilates class on the mat, and Renew is yoga fusion. We finish with Tone, which is incorporating some ballet-barre moves and Pilates mat. So, are you ready to get started? I'll meet you on your mat for my Pilates with Heart series.


YAY!!!!! Courtney you are one of my favorites on P.A.T. so I am VERY excited to watch these and incorporate the exercises into my (last 2) virtual classes. Thank you

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