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Join Ilaria Cavagna in her new series designed to work your entire body, from your feet all the way up. Each class has a specific focus and she adds small props to create resistance so that you can dive deeper into the work. By the end of the series, you will feel strong and powerful so get your Mat and have fun moving around the body in 8 workouts.
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Nov 08, 2021
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You're Pilates mat work should always be interesting and fun. I'm Ilaria Cavagna and I've created a new series to get to work your entire body from the feet all the way up. Each class will focus on one specific part of the body and we'll add small props so that we can get more resistance and to get work harder and deeper in the body. At the end of the series, you'll feel strong and powerful. So let's get to the mat and have fun, moving around the body in eight workouts.

Pilates at Home: Around the Body in 8 Workouts


Pascale C
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Excellentes videos! Excellent Professeur! Explications très claires!
Pascale C Thank you Pascale! More videos to come in the next few weeks! Stay tuned 🤗
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I loved both classes! Thank you and cant wait to watch the next video. Grazie mille Ilaria xx
Melitab Prego! happy you enjoy the classes! More videos coming soon 😉

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