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Weight Bearing Progression

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Pilates requires you to bear weight into your arms throughout the repertoire so we asked Karen Sanzo to teach another tutorial designed to help progress into more advanced forms of weight bearing exercises. Karen will show you ways to build your strength safely beginning from a quadruped position on the Mat, taking you to the beginning of a handstand on the Ladder Barrel. Thanks Karen!
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Jun 23, 2012
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This is a short ladder barrel sequence that will help you begin to weight bear into the arms or actually progress you into a higher form of weight bearing into your arms. So where does weight bearing in the arms start starts in Quadro pad. My students know that the answer to every question that I asked them in a training program is quadrupled. Where can you find the exercise in Quadra pet here? We're starting here with our shoulders where the arms, so I'm just going to shift my weight back and forth here. I'm paying attention of course to my whole body, but I'm just shifting my weight over my arms.

I'm going to continue shifting my weight and lift the left arm up. One more time. Left arm down, right arm up. I'm shifting my weight over my arms. Two arms down. Curl the toes underneath. I'm going to think of the exercise called knee stretches on the reformer pulling in my belly, rounding my lower spine, picking my knees up.

I'm going to hold here for the count of five, four, three, two, one and then dropped down. Core strength. Yes. Arm Balancing. Yes. Again. Inhale, exhale, belly pulls in. Hover up, hold. Let's take the right knee off. Count to five, four, three, two, one. Put that leg down. Lift the left leg up. Hold five, four, three, two, one. Put that leg down. Drop your knees, bring yourself back. Rock forward, rock back again. Last one.

Think of Pike on the chair. Now press into the balls of your feet. Scoop in the belly, lift up your bottom. Feel weight bearing into your arms. We must wait. Bear in your arms. It's really, really important. And then lower the knees down. Sit yourself and come to standing. So now we're going to go to the ladder barrel and we'll progress that into sometimes what I call a partial pushup.

So your hands are going to be on the back of the barrel. Bring your legs back and just tiny little pushup here. Notice my elbow is going down by my side. That's a sagittal plane. Works more of my arms. I could of course do a push up like this, but then that wouldn't prepare me for a full arm balance. So again, hands on the barrel. Elbow, shave the sides of the body. How do I make this a little bit harder? Lift the right leg up. Ben and Straten.

Lower right, lift left. Then in straighten. This could be a workout all on its own. I'm now going to go over the barrel, but since I'm a little bit short, I'm going to take this a bar that we used to do spread eagle on the Cadillac and I'm going to put it over here on top of the barrel. Some a letter barrels already have a little platform in there. I'm going to use that. I'm going bring myself over the barrel. Take my hands on about that second room.

Let my shoulders come back in their socket. Let my elbows bend down towards the floor and their sagittal plane as the legs come up. Bend, straighten, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, press, arms come up. Inhale, go down. Bend in, kick. Exhale. Bring yourself back up two more times. Elbows, Ben. Wait, bear into the shoulders. Work the legs. Bend, straightened open, open, open, open, close, close, close. Last time. Bend, elbows, kick legs, bend, knees. Straighten legs open, close, open, close, open, close. Now we crawl down for a fuller arm balance. Hands flat.

I would already have to know that someone had full shoulder range of motion. Gonna use my core here. Pull my belly in and bring my buttocks back towards the rung from here and take one leg up towards the ceiling. Pressing up tall through my arms. Opposition here is two arms pressed down. One leg reaches up and then lower that leg down.

Left leg comes up, press arms, reach left leg, and that comes down. Sometimes when the barrel is close enough to the wall, you can go right into a full arm balance. Or you could have a friend come in, kick one leg up in the air there. That wall, other leg comes up. Now Watch this link Perez into the arms. Grow up tall. Feel weight bearing left leg comes down right leg comes down, belly pulls in. Crawl up your rungs. Take yourself off of the barrel.

Woo. Good job.


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Love it! Thank you for these progressions!
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What a great idea to add to the end of a clients lesson to rejuvenate their spirit! Fun!
Karen's videos are super little spritzers on essential core knowledge; and hitting on the points with directness, they are a joy to watch!
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We need more short lessons this, containing progression, modification , variation of known excercises. This was perfect , as often you don't have time to watch so many 60 mim classes. Hoping for more, also rehab problems.
Karen, great ideas and excellent teaching skills as always! Thank you for helping me to learn.
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Love it I want more Ladder Barrel Workouts Please
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I work with Karen everyday at her studio in Dallas. The way her mind works never ceases to amaze me: direct cueing and clear concepts allow the component parts to come alive within the exercise. She's a gem.
love it....yes i agree...more barrel...
My answer is...uh........ Quadruped? You taught me well, Karen! This actually is just what I needed so that I can help my client who has wrist issues. Thank you!
I love Karen and the way she teaches!
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