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Pelvic Power Workshop

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As a 30 year student and teacher of Pilates, Pat Guyton has expanded her practice to include The Franklin Method. This short workshop demonstrates how Pilates and the Franklin Method work well together culminating in a Franklin inspired Pelvic Power Reformer class, exclusive to this workshop.

Chapter 1: A brief introduction to the the Franklin Method with an explanation as to why Pat feels it is a nice adjunct to Pilates work.
Chapters 2-4: Learn about more about the structure of the pelvis and how a better understanding of this area can lead to the use of insightful images making your cueing and understanding of Pilates exercises more rich and varied.
Chapter 5: Pat Guyton teaches a Franklin Method inspired Pelvic Power Reformer workout. This class is taught with the deliberate intention and application of the mental imagery you learned in the first two chapters.

Click here to learn more about Eric Franklin and his method that has inspired so many of our PA instructors.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Nov 17, 2012
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Enjoyed the review and content very much, however when the participants are being so involved with answers, they should have been mic'd as well. There was way too much time wasted as they talked but could not be heard and then Pat had to reiterate what was said. That was very frustrating. Also the class should have been called perhaps an "instructional information class", as opposed to implying a regular flowing class.
I havent purchased this class yet, but I plan to. Last year I bought the Franklin Band workout. Do you have any future plans for this workout? I love how long the band is and all the unique moves the workout entails.
An informative and inspirational workshop. I agree with Kerry in having the participants mic'd also. The downstretch cues worked a treat. Thanks Pilates Anytime - would love Pat to do a workshop on whats happening with our organs on movement, perhaps also some mat classes from Pat.
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Thank you all for your opinions. I agree that it would have been great to have heard our participants more clearly.

Jude~ Pat has done a number of different classes, including some Mat classes. Click here to go see all of her classes.
Anne-Marie as of now we don't have plans to do a workout with the Franklin Band. We typically leave the choice of content up to the instructor making sure to pass on common requests for time, apparatus and prop. Just a few of the instructors on PA teach Franklin Method so far. When we start talking about their return (hopefully) to PA, we'll be sure to direct them to your request. Thanks!
Hello, I a think this feedback is invaluable. I found myself repeating what the students because this also can happen in workshops and the answer without hearing the question is very frustrating. I am certain that Kristi and crew will solve this for any future workshops. Thank you for taking the time to make valuable suggestions!
Pat, I LOVED this workshop & channeled you a lot today. Thank you!!
Thank you! I love teaching information that is digestible for teachers and students. Anatomy knowledge is wonderful, but if you do not feel and experience what you know, it is theoretical information. I taught a great mat class at noon! That must be on the same channel.
Amy & Pat~ I believe that this is the Mat Class (#839) that you were talking about.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you Pat! I just loved the workshop! I never realised how much movement the pelvis had and never thought about the exercises in the way you worked with them. You taught me that it is about the body first rather than about the workout. And when I say that it is so obvious and yet that seemed to have gotten lost somewhere for me. As I bounced on my rebounder this morning and did squats on my paddle board my mind was in my pelvis, you bought my mind to my body. I have noticed that some of my clients are working so hard with so much tension in classes particularly and I started addressing this recently with not alot of positive change, you have given me tools to help them get back into their bodies. Thanks again and as always thanks PA. I am emotional after this workshop and on a high with what I have learnt and how much I still have to learn!
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