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27 Things You Never Knew About Me with Meredith Rogers

Pilates Anytime teacher Meredith Rogers answers our questions about life, Pilates, and poetry.

1. Where are you from, and where do you live now?

I grew up in a little town in Lake Tahoe, Nevada called Incline Village and have spent the last twenty years in Santa Barbara, California. Both places are heaven on earth.

2. When did you first start practicing Pilates?

I started practicing Pilates in 1998 after a knee injury, immediately fell in love and have been practicing ever since.

3. What’s the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned through your practice?

Breathe, try to find ease and let go.

4. What’s the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned through your teaching?

It is perfectly acceptable to not have all the answers and open communication is the first step to success.

5. If you could be doing anything else besides Pilates, what would you be doing?

I would like to play the fiddle in a rock and roll band.

6. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

That is a difficult question. I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand.

Showing off the latest Pilates Anytime print ad with Kathryn Ross-Nash.

7. What’s the most distant/exotic place Pilates has ever taken you?

I’ve been fortunate to have been a BASI faculty member for over ten years. Because of this, I have had the opportunity to visit many places I may not have otherwise had the pleasure of experiencing. I have taught in China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Italy, Korea, Ireland, Greece, Great Britain and throughout the United States. I have been invited next year to teach in Germany and Scandinavia. My parents are currently on a mission in South Africa and I would very much like to visit them there and maybe organize a teaching opportunity with my beautiful and esteemed colleagues in BASI SA!

8. What would you say to your younger self in 10 words or less?

I would tell my younger self to slow down and take it easy on yourself.

Meredith dressed to slay.

9. If you could do one Pilates move for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Definitely the pelvic curl. It is so grounding for me.

10. Who is your favorite person to practice with?

I have many, many, people who I enjoy practicing Pilates with, but the person who most inspires me is my teacher, Rael Isacowitz.

11. What’s your favorite Pilates quote?

“Every moment of our lives can be the beginnng of great things.”

12. Who would you dedicate your first book to and what would you say?

To my family:
It is because of you that I appreciate who I am.

13. Pilates with Music or No Music?


14. What’s on your Spotify or Pilates workout playlist?

Geez, I’m all over the map. Anything from rap to indie to classic rock to classical. Depends on the day.

15. If you could meet Joseph Pilates in person, what would you say?

Thank you for your inspiration. Are you proud of where your work is today?

16. When was the last time you attended a Pilates class or had a session?


17. What advice do you have for a first time Pilates teacher?

Dig deep, explore in depth the things that fascinate you and try not to be too hard on yourself.

18. How do you define success?

To me happiness is the definition of success.

19. What do you fear most?

Social interaction on a large scale. I am super shy and consider myself to be largely socially awkward.

20. If there were a movie about your life, what would it be entitled and who would play you?

“Where did Meri go?”

Tina Fey...she is hilarious!

Lovely Meredith.

21. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I can play the violin.

22. If life gives you lemons, what do you do with them?


23. Where or how do you like to spend most of your time?

Oh gosh, I’m am incredibly boring. On my off time, you can usually find me alone in a park with a book.

24. What’s your favorite journey?

My favorite journey is ongoing...it is the journey into my best self.

25. Favorite book?

There are far, far too many amazing books to claim a favorite. One I love and have read over and over is “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I also adore Mary Olliver.

26. Favorite movie?

"Stand by Me"

27. What’s your hidden talent? Will you show us?

I write poetry.

as one,
whose come undone
from herself

i wonder

what’s to become of her
i’ve just left?

our demise,
seemingly imminent

since one won’t long survive
outside oneself.

so we stand here,
each beside the other

while i,
in quiet silence
whisper goodbye.

standing still
beside myself.


I love this poem, still.
Happy Birthday, Meredith! Your poetry, like your teaching, is smooth, deep and strong. Thanks for sharing your gifts. -Viki Mills Ronchetti
Happy Birthday, Dear Meredith, looking forward to seeing you in Germany! Where can I find your on the road schedule? Thank you for so many lovely Hours with your fun, dedicated and well grounded pilates lessons. And what a nice Open Interview! We are quite similar in many regards have a Great new year, Heike, Germany
It was such a joy to meet and learn from you in Dubai- I’m so grateful I had the opportunity! I hope your birthday is full of love and radiance!
I have another book to add to the list now. I love Mary Oliver and Stand By Me. Excellent choices! I'll seek out the Zafon book, for sure. Can't wait for the next Q & A.

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