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If you're short on time or energy, then this Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers is perfect for you! She teaches a quick class to give you a pick-me-up on the days when you need a boost. She uses the Jump Board to get your heart rate up so that you feel invigorated by the end of the class.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board

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Dec 20, 2018
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Hey everyone, thanks for being here. This class is intended to be a quick pick me up kind of a class. For those of us who are short on time or short on energy or short on both. So let's get going. I've got my reformer and my jump board and my box upon the reformer and we're just gonna start standing up.

We're going to take the arms out to the side. As you take the arms out to the side, we reach and touch both sides of the room. Lift the arms over head. Allow the pseudonym to lift with the arms. Bring the arms back out to the side, reaching wide with the arms growing tall or taller through the spine in here, and bring the chin into the chest that the head be heavy and roll down to towards the floor articulating to the spine, keeping the hips over the heels, reaching down in here. Exhale, pulling up from the waist. As we press through the floor with our feet and we just pull a stacking the spine up, coming up onto our feet again, take the arms out, lift the chest and press the arms out to the side.

Standing Roll Down

Getting Taller, getting longer, maybe letting go of any tension that we might be holding and inhaling and bringing the head forward and just allowing the weight of the head to carry this spine forward. Now the spine is being carried forward. We're lifting and we're supporting ourselves with the front of the body. Pausing at the bottom. Let's bend the knees, stretch the lane. And so the feet are actively pressing into the floor as we lift and grow light in our body, in our spine standing. I don't want Marie, Jada, no, Lenny the chess left and reach out to the side, gathering energy in here and chin comes into the chest as we roll down.

Da Da da town. And inhale and exhale, lift up. Ah, ah, ah, ah. And then taking the arms around and Ah, interlocking the hands. Turn the palms of the hands up, reach over to one side in neo, stretching.

Standing Side Bend

Open through the side of the body and exhale as we lift up, inhale, reach up and over to the other side, opening the side bodies and exhale to lifter and in has the reach over. Exhale, this time around the spine, taking the arms down towards the legs. Inhale as we unwind, Xcel, as we lift up and heels, we reach up and over the other direction. Excellent. As we rotate the body arms, lowering down, reaching across towards the floor. Inhale as we unwind and excelling as we come up, separating the arms, let them reach out wide again and bring them all the way down. Here we go. Okay, so we're going to come onto the box.

Double Leg Stretch

I want you to sit so your crossways on it so your body goes across the narrowest part of the box. Lifting the legs that and cutting down so that the lower spine is supported by the box. Hands come up onto the knees, find a nice deep curl in the spine and we're going into the double leg stretch right away. We get out and back in hill, keeping the body lifted and, and stretch as the arms are reaching overhead, they're going narrow behind the head and the, as they come around we press through space, creating some energy with the arms, seeing absolutely stable in the trunk. We'll do two more. Yeah. And one hands on through the right knee. Left leg goes out straight and it stretches out in space.

Single Leg Stretch

The hands on the knee are pressing down and even trying to pull apart a little bit. So I'm pushing down with my hands, my pulling my elbows wide and we'll do five stabilizing as the switch for keeping the abdominals pinned down. Three, three, two. The not an easy way to warm up that it sure is effective holding here. Hands behind the head. Rotate to that bent. Okay. Not sure how much I can talk to you about this one cause it's difficult as you can feel, eh.

Criss Cross

So we'll do five. Head is heavy in the hands. Elbows four. We're not falling back on the box theory or we're trying now to two to one. One. Take the lane closest to you, reach the other league. Downlow and Paul Paul. Change. Scissoring the length. Yeah, deepening into the exhale with the abdominals.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Okay. Reaching that lower leg down and up away. Yeah. Two more times here. Okay, one more time.

Okay. Okay. Both. Exactly. Bend the knees. Press the legs into the hands. Bring the hands onto the box. He come down onto the floor, we stand up, reach the arms up and back. Let the back take a little stretch. Open up to the sides and let's put the box away for now. Okay.


At the moment I have three red springs attached to the reformer and we're going to come all the way down into our back. [inaudible] [inaudible] organizing the seats so that we're just on the arches of the sea. Just parallel to the sitting bones. Pelvis in hand. Press down with the arms. Exhale, peel the hips up, lifting up into a bridge, getting the hips nice and open. Taken. Inhale and exhale. Starting with the chest.

Just begin healing the body back down. Really deepening into that curvature, especially in the lower spine, reaching all the way. Inhale and exhale. Arms press down, pelvis curls up. Knees are feeling like they're reaching past the jump forward as our feet are trying to pull the jump board closer to us. Inhale and exhale slowly down feeling the chest is wide and open.

The arms are reaching and heavy active. We'll do three more. Inhale and Exhale, articulate hip sigh. Inhale, exhale as you roll down and two more. We're working our way through our spine, opening it up in all directions. [inaudible] here's our last one. E in here. Checking in with the activity in the arms, the reach of the arms, reaching up and high in him and Exhale, rolling down all the way. Okay, I'm going to reach back and put my head rest up and then put my feet on the jumper and everyone put your feet on the gym part and press out so that you feel that your heels are right below your sitting bones as though if you were standing on the floor, you would be standing erect with the head slightly forward.

Whole Foot On

We're going to bend the knees only just to where the heels feel like they are wanting to lift and straights it bend and straight and just warming up the legs a little bit. Warming up the flexibility in the ankles. As you're bending your knees, I want you to think slide the heels down the jump board. Slide the heels down, the jump born and at the same time try to slide the feet towards one another. One more time. Bend and straighten out. Hold here, lift the heels up and we're going to hold the heels still. Bend and press.

Toes Parallel

Pull in and reach in and reach. Ah, pull in and reach in. Getting warmed up. We'll do three more, right? Two more, one more. And the knees. Press out with the feet so the feet are flat again.

Toes Pilates Stance

Bring the heels together, lift the heels and squeezing the heels together we bend and squeeze. Keeping the hills just lifted up off the jump board an inch or two and then they stay still with, we just work the full range and our legs. Okay, we'll do four more. Three more, two more, one more. And then we're going to add some air to this in a little bit. So separating the feet, lift the left like Ben, the Rye, and press Ben their eye and press.

Single Leg Whole Foot On

Inhale and stretch in here and stretch last five again, just keeping the heel down, knowing where that range is for you. Last three. Okay, two more. Using the quadricep to support the NHI. Last one straight in the right leg. Place the left leg down, gets supported over that leg. Lift the right leg up, tabletop and bend. Straightened away in here. Stretching away.

Keep feeling a sense of really connecting to the center of the body, keeping the right leg very stable and organized. Last four, three, two and last time press out. Come down onto both feet. Bend your knees, lifting the heels just as they need to at the last moment. Turned here side. Help yourself up. I'm going to take the straps off because I don't enjoy the noise that they make while I'm jumping and I'm going to use a red and a blue spring.

Toes Parallel

You can decide what you'd like. That's a good spring for me. Lighter will be slightly easier. Heavy will be heavier, will be heavier and quicker, so whatever works for you. So what I want us to do is press out again, find that same position with the seat where they are right underneath us and then bend the knees as much as you can until it feels like your heels want to live. We're going to jump from here. We're going to press out Lan toe, ball, heel, press out, toe ball. He also, every time we roll through the foot, bringing the heel all the way back to the jump board, that means that it's probably not going to be possible to bring the carriage all the way in, but I'm not mentioning that as a, as a goal. I'm mentioning roll through the feet until you feel the heel.

We'll do three rolling through the foot to Woah. Bringing heels together. The legs squeeze together as the heels leave the jump board. We do that same toe ball. He'll connect the heel. We'll do three, two, one.

Toes Pilates Stance

Now alternate those positions. Parallel, external rotation. Parallel [inaudible] breathing is the every John keeping the abdominals drawn in. Five, five, four, four, three, three, two, two, one, one. Back to parallel. One leg up on a single leg. Junk. [inaudible] for full articulation in the foot to when switching midair, pointing the foot and then rolling through the foot as you come down.

Alternating Parallel and External Rotation

Yeah. Four, three. We're going to change in midair to the like come together. We change together and change alternating. [inaudible] keep that foot clean.

Single Leg Parallel

Get the legs all the way straight each time. Last five, four, four, three, three, two, two, one and one. Push off. Land on both. You bring the carriage? Yeah. Help yourself. Huh? Hello? Blue spring away. Reach down for the strap.

Alternating Single Leg Parallel

Okay. Coming up onto the knees. So holding onto the ropes. Yeah. Bringing the arms just in front of the five.

Kneeling Tricep Press

You're gonna press down and back and forward. Pulling the abdominals back. Has the arms reach behind the body. [inaudible] I don't know about you guys, but my heart is pumping. [inaudible] connecting into the upper middle. Back last four. [inaudible] Siri.

Okay. Two. Yeah, and one. Let's add some rotation to the press with the left or center. Press with their right arm.

Kneeling Tricep Press w/ Rotation

Pressing the pelvis forward as the spine rotates back. Okay. Three more on each side. Okay. Two more Morani side.

Yeah, last time, right. Bring me arms next to the sides of the body. Sit back with a straight back. Bring the shoulder blades down and back and straighten in. Bend here. Keep it elbows next to the body. Breathing last for theory two and one.

Kneeling Tricep Extension

Let's come back. Set. This drops down for a moment. I'm gonna add on a blue spring, so I now have a red spring and a blue and then I'm in a backup away from the shoulder block so that my feet hang over the edge of the carriage. Take the straps in the hands, pull the abdominals, then can into a thigh stretch position and bend the arms and straight pulling and fully strain. Okay. Watching it. The wrist stays stray.

Thigh Stretch Bicep Curls

Yeah. Last for 14 okay. Three keeping the upper arm still two one and hold the straps in one hand. Sit down at another red spring and I have two reds and a blue eye. Again, leaning back, finding that five stretch and then pulling back and forward, pulling as the arms come back.

Thigh Stretch Arm Row

Stretch the elbows away from one another. Okay. Working Nice and quickly by keeping all of our pieces connect in the last four, three, two and one coming forward with the arms coming up right with the body. Set the straps down. Go back down to just a blue spring.

Reverse Knee Stretch

Bring the knees up against the shoulder block. Bring the hands onto the frame of the reformer. Take the shoulders forward, the risks roam through the spine. Get Nice and deep into your spinal fluction, into your abdominal crow and bring the knees under the body and back under the body. And so I like to think about not pulling the legs forward, but instead trying to round up my spine more and just allow the legs to carry on with that intention. Okay.

So focusing on maintaining and supporting that flection. Okay, we'll do two more. Okay. And last time. Okay.

And then we'll come back. We're going to shift both knees towards the left shoulder block. Do that same thing where you take your shoulders forward of your wrist, deepen into your abdominals and bring the knees [inaudible] and okay, Dang man. Finding that depo bleak where hello train last three, two and one coming back across to the other side. If you've noticed that I'm stacking my foot, don't worry about doing that.

Reverse Knee Stretch - Oblique Emphasis

You can if you want. It's not part of the choreography, it's just that I had an injury on my foot and it doesn't feel great when it's flat. So there's that. Yeah, I feel like I almost always have some sort of injury somewhere, but maybe I'm wrong. Yeah, we'll do four more and three, two. Here's our last time. Can you come back in?

Lat Pull w/ Risers

We're gonna put one knee up against each shoulder block. Again, we're going to walk up the frame to the risers. I like to have my palms facing one another and then from the haircut in the back, nice and flat. Pull the body forward and stretch. Lots of Nice, simple things in this, in this workout today, like I said earlier, the intention is just to get moving to get some good solid work. Get all the parts of the body moving. We'll do four and three, two and one. Take the arms straight. If it feels good to you to let your body hang through your arms, do that.

It's a nice stretch for me, so that's what I'm doing. Then we're going to come back carefully to the frame. We're going to come all the way back in. Let's take the straps off. Again, that's not an unnecessary thing. She don't mind listening to the straps, Jingle Jangle. Leave them on.

First Position X Jump

Let me go back to a red and a blue and come back down onto our backs. Back into first position. Small v position, getting organized, bending the knees, finding where the feet are nice and connected. We're going to it open and again, putting the focus into rolling through this foot so that that heel connection is really solid on the jump board. Last four, three, two, one. Now cross the right leg over the left, left leg over there, and just continue to alternate getting that nice clean heel position each time. Okay, nice and light on the fee. Last four Siri, bringing the legs together on the gym for it, Eh, bending the knees. We're going to alternate glass, right.

First Position Legs Cross

Last one side of my pallidus is lifting slightly off the jump for it as I worked through my waist to protect my spine. Five here, four, three, two, one and all the way in. Coming all the way up again, going down to our red spring, coming facing this way on the reformer, bringing your feet up against the shoulder. Blacks hands on the jumper, pressing the hips forward. I don't take it into the down. Stretch out, hold the body and I'm pressing back into the carriage with my feet. Okay. Pressing it out, keeping the gaze.


Just straight ad. It's pulling back with the abdominals. As we pull back with the arms, we'll just do four more. Okay. Lifting up away from the junk part and three hips forward. Last two.

Down Stretch

I don't. One more [inaudible] then bringing the knees forward. On the carriage. Sina sit down on our feet, the hands onto the jump board in. Press out to a long back with straight arms. I've turned the thumb slightly inwards. Fingers slightly and rants want us to bend.

Shoulder Press

I want us to think about Paul stretching the arms away from one another. The hands away from one another. Press in. Yeah, band and stretch. Pulling the Kerogen, pressing the carriage away. Last for three, feeling the shoulders drop down in back two and one. Now we're going to jump with our arms here.

John and Kat. Nice light landing on the jumper. [inaudible] putting them dominoes into the spine to create stability. Last four and three and two and one taking the hands onto the top of the jump board. Stretching out through the arms and lifting the spine all the way back up.

Shoulder Press Jump

Okay, so let's come up. Yeah, grab your strap. I don't know, you may have to take the jump board off. I'm not going to bother, but let's put a bunch of springs on to keep the carriage silver going into side over. So we're going to collect our box, placing the blocks onto the reformer sideways, placing the foot underneath the strat, coming out over the headdress, finding a straight line. Hopefully I have hands come behind the heavy ticket over the box and hurry over the box and reach at my jumper. It's kind of Nice. I can stand on it at the top over the box adds a little bit for me. Just two more over the box and up and last one.

Side Over

Oh over the box and at again comes down. Either reach over and put your elbow down on the headdress or reach down. Put your hand on the floor. Take the opposite arm overhead. If you know me, you know that the reason I like to do that exercise is for this stretch breathing. And then let's take the buddy around [inaudible] taking just a couple of breaths into that rotation.

[inaudible] I'm coming up out of it changing science. [inaudible] finding even a straight line and we'd go over and inhaling and exhaling. Inhaling and exhaling. Last too. [inaudible] one more.

[inaudible] coming all the way down, reaching through the arm, reaching through the foot towards the jump board. [inaudible] breathing. Yeah. And then allowing the body to rotate. [inaudible] coming back on, flipping the foot out from underneath his strap.

Coming off the box, turning the box long ways. [inaudible] I'm going to just use one spring, one red spring this. Wow. So we'll get down onto the box. [inaudible] reach out with some arms.

Swan w/ Jumpboard

Let's place them right over the top of the jump. Pour it, and then we'll lengthen the spine out in through Ah, through a wooden, through keeping the legs high and then reaching back. Eh, lifting the head. Allow the gaze to travel across the springs. Cross the front of the jump board towards, in front of us. Taking it back down. We'll do that one more time. Reaching out enough.

Yeah. Legs. They're energized. Dominoes of course are Energi has 93 more, but this time as we lift, we're gonna bend the knees, bring the toes towards the back of the head, opening your whole front of the body and stretching out long and bending. Lifting the spine. Okay.

I'm bringing it out. One more time. Bent. Lifting the spine. Stretch it. Oh, the way. Uh, Ben, no, I was in. Bring the carriage n step off to the side. Stand on both feet, eh, cake dams around, and just come full circle here.

Standing Roll Down

Press the arms open. Inhale and exhale. Chin comes down into the chest. Just checking in with the after. Checked in before. Check in at the end. How do you feel? I feel good in here. Lifting careering the body to become a writer.

[inaudible] Catherine into that energy that we've created. Taking the arms up over. Go ahead and, Oh Ben, thanks so much for playing with me today.

Slow Burn - Playlist 2: Reformer Workouts


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As with all of Meredith’s “simple” videos....after completing this video your muscles sneak up and say “See, you aren’t in as good a shape as you thought your were” the “discomfort” in the muscles will subside :) Thank you from a non professional........
Great class. I feel amazing now. Thank you.
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Perfect, just want I needed today! Short and sweet before heading into the holiday weekend. Thank you Meredith and Merry Christmas 🎄
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Thank you Merry, this was perfect...- before everybody beeing home for christmas wakes up in the house with all the expectations.. : Mama is ready!!
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Love it!! :)
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Love your classes. Perfect start to a rainy Christmas Eve day. Merry Christmas! Thank you!
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Too much Christmas and then I need Pilates. You are always there Meri in that wonder style of yours! Thank you, this was perfect!
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Love this quick sweaty workout! Thanks Meri!
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