Class #3612

Reformer Pick-Me-Up

35 min - Class


If you're short on time or energy, then this Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers is perfect for you! She teaches a quick class to give you a pick-me-up on the days when you need a boost. She uses the Jump Board to get your heart rate up so that you feel invigorated by the end of the class.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board

About This Video


Hey everyone, thanks for being here. This class is intended to be a quick pick me up kind of a class. For those of us who are short on time or short on energy or short on both. So let's get going. I'v...


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As with all of Meredith’s “simple” videos....after completing this video your muscles sneak up and say “See, you aren’t in as good a shape as you thought your were” the “discomfort” in the muscles will subside :) Thank you from a non professional........
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Great class. I feel amazing now. Thank you.
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Perfect, just want I needed today! Short and sweet before heading into the holiday weekend. Thank you Meredith and Merry Christmas 🎄
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Thank you Merry, this was perfect...- before everybody beeing home for christmas wakes up in the house with all the expectations.. : Mama is ready!!
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Love it!! :)
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Love your classes. Perfect start to a rainy Christmas Eve day. Merry Christmas! Thank you!
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Too much Christmas and then I need Pilates. You are always there Meri in that wonder style of yours! Thank you, this was perfect!
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Love this quick sweaty workout! Thanks Meri!
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