Class #3549

Lengthening Tower

40 min - Class


You will lengthen your entire body in this Tower workout by Meredith Rogers. She focuses on using the springs for assistance so you can connect deeper to your center. She also includes exercises and variations that will feel amazing on your body which will encourage you to stand tall for the rest of your day.
What You'll Need: Tower

About This Video


Hi, thanks for joining me. We're going to work on the tower today. And what I have set up is the roll down bar. About halfway I've got some purple leg springs hooked up just above the ...


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I like very much the rhythm of your workouts.
I can listen your breathing and I feel the connection of the muscles.
Thank you :)
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Lovely class, beautiful flowers - definitely lengthening!
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Delicious! Thank you Meredith🙏🙏
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Awesome flow Meredith, thank you for this lengthening tower class, the body feels great after the class.
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Great class
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Very nice class! I did this with two clients yesterday and they floated out of the studio : ) Thank you Meredith!
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Great start to my Friday 😄 thank you
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I’ve had my Tower for about six years and haven’t ever done one-legged footwork until today. Thanks for teaching me something new!
Thank you lovely ladies!!
There's always something new to learn Stacey! Happy to share with you!
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