Explore the Layers of the Body with Gil Hedley

Gil Hedley
Join Gil Hedley in his Integral Anatomy Instensive, as he explores the richly textured layers of the body, and highlights the quality of relationships between the layers as well as the continuity of the whole form. He navigates through the body, looking at fixed and unfixed cadavers, looking at each layer in different bodies to see which layer gives a body its shape. He then juxtaposes amazing images of the human form in the lab with beautiful images in nature. Whether you have a strong anatomy background or not, this workshop will make you think about human anatomy in a different way.

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This workshop includes images and videos of dissections real life dissections of cadavers, and many of our instructors have participated in his dissection courses and lectures. These instructors include Kristi Cooper, Meredith Rogers, Amy Havens, Madeline Black, Elizabeth Larkam, Tom McCook, Rebekah Rotstein, Layla Khashoggi, Jennifer Golden Zumann, Cathleen Murakami, Jennifer Kries, and Ken Gilbert.


I've been waiting a loooong time to be able to offer this!! Thank you Gil for sharing with us again hear on Pilates Anytime!

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