Meditation & Pilates!

Meditation is a wonderful addition to Pilates. Actually, you could say Pilates IS meditation; a moving meditation. When you practice Pilates with intention by focusing your breath and paying attention to the messages of your body, you are likely to achieve the same benefits as you would in a sitting meditation. At Pilates Anytime, we see the value of doing both!
Bobbee Kellner joins us again offering a short meditation on gratitude. This 5 minute guided meditation is a wonderful way to shift your energy in a positive direction. Meditate with this class by itself, attach it to the beginning or end of your favorite class or perhaps you'll find this meditation serves best when you begin or end your day with it. In any case, we are grateful to have Bobbee back on Pilates Anytime and to be able to offer this meditation to you. Give it a try!
Gratitude Meditation


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