Class #1009

Intermediate Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Identify your good habits (or perhaps not so good...) as we practice the intermediate Mat exercises paying close attention to our weight distribution while we move. From the head to the toes, Brett offers techniques that will help you appreciate the control each exercise really takes. This is a great class to learn about your own strengths and weaknesses while learning tricks and tips correct your own alignment. As always Brett is fun and clear with his directions.

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What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Hi, my name is Brad Howard. And today we're going to do a mat. And our focus on our mat is finding control. Our other focus is knowing where our weight is in space. So we have six key ...


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This is the first class of Brett's I've done, and I must say he is truly a master at getting to the heart of Pilates work and being able to articulate it so lucidly. I really am inspired to improve my own work and the understanding of my students regarding centering and how it enables and enhances all the exercises. Simply wonderful! Thank you, Brett!
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Just finished this class in my hotel room. What a great way to get centered after a long flight! Excellent class.
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Beautiful class. Teaching some of those pelvic stabilizers today! Exactly where my brain has been lately! STABILITY and CONTROL!!!
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I already had sore abs and I had to stop your class after 30 mins for a rest!
Simply brilliant. Many thanks.
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Really great variations for each exercise to see if you are balanced in each movement.
Such an informative class! I love it and you Brett!
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Great class. Great ideas for checking yourself. Thank you!
Thank you for keeping the class moving so nicely. Great exacting work. I love your classes.
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Channeling your genius this week in my group sessions. Calling it "lost & found - your center... Props - your hands". Thank you thank you thank you
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