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Rachel Taylor Segel teaches a Mat workout that uses the techniques and concepts from her workshop Don't Stop! The Value of Transitions. She focuses on how to initiate each gesture so you can fully connect to your full body for more success. Enjoy some of the more advanced exercises like Jack Knife, Crab, Boomerang, and more.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Sep 20, 2013
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Welcome everyone to play with any time. My name is Rachel Taylor Seagull. I'm one of the owners of the plotty center in Boulder, Colorado, and we're going to have a swift advanced math class that we're going to, I'm going to try to speak to the interim moments of the exercises, so the transitions between exercises as well as how to initiate a gesture so that the gesture, so we don't have to fix things as often, but that the movement comes more full body immediately and therefore we get more success and more product sooner. That's my goal. Okay, so we're going to start, we're going to start and we decide dolphin, so we're very happy. So going to start in our position, pressing the arms together, lifting the girdle up, and, and letting the spine like a slinky rise as you bend to bend, keeping that back heel as down as possible. As you roll back, go ahead and put your hands behind your head five times. Inhale, stirrer at exhale, bend a. See if you can initiate your gesture from your hips. This time, hips before knees, even at the knee, straightening a little faster. Hips and in good. Last one, and bird on a perch.

Get your heels really out and go and exhale. Good enough. The heels lead. I want you to move them with your hips. Push them with your hips and feel therefore your belly. Turn on better and therefore your breath be bigger. One more out and in. Flex your feet.

Inhale out. Exhale home. Good. And as you press out in, in feeling your hips like you're riding a bicycle or something, rest your head back in your hands. Pull your arms into your shoulder and pick your upper spine up right free your whole cage. Last one out. And stay. Point your feet and flex your feet as if you don't know how to do. So. What would it take? Do it differently each time so that each time you feel not only your feet, but your calves, your knees, your inner thighs, your hips. Last one, keep them there as alive as possible.

Circle big time and start your hundred three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five. And we'll do like 60 so think as you move your arms pumping fully, what they could do for you, anticipate and intend the pump to stabilize and strengthen your shoulders. Free up your neck, enable a bigger breath, enable a deeper exhale. Squeeze the heels and the big toes towards each other to enable more hips. Last one and at the moment, resist bending home even as you bend, staying in your belly and hug him too. You good how come to you?

And then slide your legs right down the map. Take your bar by your side for the rollover and hold that bar shoulder width in your hands as if it weighed something more than it does right? How far back can you go and still own it in your belly so that the belly tones to lift the arms. Inhaling, curl the head, you exhale and you roll up in overreaching your spine. Forward tips. Hips go back first. Inhaling, keep your heels where they are and your hips where they are so that what moves is what you want, which is your spine. Exhale, when it serves you reach out in over. Good roll back, leaving your legs where they were.

So that one more only so that the toughest moments. Easy neck. Yeah. Beautifully done. At the toughest moment you feel that you have an opposition of your legs where they should be and your belly turned on. That is so excellent. Place your bar by your side. We're going to do the roll. Oh, so both legs Tommy in. Come over to the floor if you can do it and then you open them.

Matt with fish and then you roll your spine down. Feet. Flex away from you together and resist the lift of the legs. Resist that first moment. Nicely done. Good. Resist lifting your legs and open them. Re Roll down and feel your belly come up into your cage as you curl over.

One more time and then we'll do three in the reverse. Touch up and open. Roll it down. Exhaling. Good. And reverse it with the legs apart three times now from fingertip through palms down on the mat, elbow on the mat, back of the arm on the mat, all the way across the shoulders on the mat so that your neck can be iis fall and your spine will bend. Not only from this beginning moment, but at the ending movement. Good girls. Third and last one. You two over here you can be done. Bring down your left leg to the mat.

Keep your right leg up, split them gently apart and feel your right hip. Start the circle. Inhale across, down, around, and exhale. Good. Feel your right hip. Start lifting itself off the mat. We'll do one more and then reverse it. Meanwhile feel the whole arm.

So what would you like your arms to do for you? For your breath? Nice. And then last up is split your legs and bring your left leg swivel and to go to the other side. Inhale down around and Xcel home. Good, right? See if you can twist your spines a little bit more. Now, what would that do for you? Would reversing it. Would you like the feeling of that lumbar spine and the way the belly responds?

A little bit better. Very nice. Bend the knee up to your shoulder. Feel your hands tug your Shin towards maybe beyond your shoulder as you curl your chin up to your chest and roll up into Citi. Good. Bring both feet forward. Put your hands in front of you and lift your sitz bones to your heels. Literally you're sitting on your sacrum.

Then Tommy works to bring you forward for rolling like a ball. Inhale back. Exhale forward. Do less effort except keep that tail curled. Remember what it felt like for your tummy to bring your spine right the moment of coming up as an exhale. Last one. Good. Now put your feet lightly on the ground. Hands behind your hips on the mat.

Pick up your hips and legs. Stretch them out and lightly, lightly lower your pell to the mat. Roll behind where you put it down. Roll back, bringing the right knee up to your shoulder for single leg stretch and switch legs left and right and left and right. Now. How does this our movement and and activity feel like when you had your hands behind your head and foot work? Good. Bring both knees in. Double leg stretch. Hips started, hips extend. Exhale. Every atom, hips extend even when your knee extending.

Feel your belly the whole time because your legs are rooted up there. One more time. Hot. Exhale. Very beautiful. Straighten both legs up. Take your both hands on your right calf. Pick it up like stretch your pants. Pick your pants up. Pick your calf, skin up off you. But shoulders down and pulled twice, once, twice. Switch legs once, twice. Switch once, twice. Good. And as you pull your legs apart, pick your pelvic bone up with your hands, giving yourself your mid low belly.

But shoulders are in and spine is picking up towards the leg. So as you use your hands to pick your leg up, they're also picking your spine up towards your leg and resist the moment. Last time I know that was too many. And bring both legs up. Inhale, double leg, lower lift three times down and exhale the moment of up resistance. Delay it. Just a hair so that you work your belly better. Nice. Last one. And now left elbow to knee.

You're going to lift up like in the workshop, twisting the spine and change one and change one and change. Now as the legs go out, they go out from the hip, not the knee and Shin. Don't straighten your knee on the move your leg out of your body, out of your hip joint to twist your spine. Last one, make it even. And Tommy and sits you up into spine. Stretch. Open the legs, flex the feet.

Lift the elbows today if you would up and let them pick your ribs off your waist. Flex your feet strongly and put your hips forward through your legs, into your souls. Inhale here. And then what are you going to start down with? And when do you reach the bottom? How do you know? And how do you start back up? So how do you know you've reached the top when you can't breathe in any further and go exhaling? How do you know when you reach the bottom?

Do you have any atoms left? What's the first moment like of rolling up, down and up. One more time. Good and up. And we'll do it as we did earlier. Circling the arms around to the side, bending the Shin, knees, and taking hold of the front of the Shin. Now when you straighten your legs, don't think knee straightening. Think hip, straightening hip movement. Think hip movement.

Push your legs away from you to roll back to the blades. Inhale. Exhale, inhale, and exhale. Don't try and be right. Try and make the exercise. Bend your spine and exhale your breath for you. Good. Come up one more time. Bring your legs together.

Say there for two breaths. Gently transitioned to pushing your legs away from you. Just a little right and put your hands down by your hips. And then Jack Knife over and up for the corkscrew to the right. Look at your tummies. Feel finger to shoulder. Anticipate the twisting.

Inhale and exhale up. Good. And again, so look at your belly and watch it. Twist you to the right. Exhale and circle around. So as you come to the left, right, you're going to come down the left side. Now I anticipate. What do you need to come up? Crow your tail. Press your shoulders and arrive. Very nice stuff.

Now you're going to roll right down the middle, keeping those arms and shoulders. Very Sturdy. Roll right down. As soon as your tail hits, curl your head up and roll up. Open the legs into a V, arms out to the side. Now stay here for breath and pull your arms into your spine, behind your sternum, in front of your blades. Attach them in your mind's eye to your spine so that when the arms move, the spine twists. Inhale, right and exhale.

Saw the little toe. Keep that left arm in your shoulder so that your ribs twist and then how you're going to start up. Bend, twist the other way and exhale good backhand higher, higher, Higher Benz. You further, further, further add. How will you rise and twist a little faster and exhale. Now girls, keep your hips very sturdy on the mat so that when you rise, they don't shift and they don't. Your feet don't shift when you bet. Yes, when you twist your spine shift. Yes. Good. We have one more thing. Inhale and exhale. Palm faces down, another palm faces up and held up.

Now the moment of coming up. Stay here for just an extra little mom and take an extra breath. Where are you going to start it from? Your sits bones, your hamstrings, your low belly where you choose and beautiful and dressed. Bring your legs together, sweep them around behind you for the swan. Hands under your shoulders, forehead on the mat. Now even here, press your shins down in your femurs up, ish, right? So you feel your low belly.

Press your palm. Press your whole fingers and palms down to push your humerus bone up into your shoulders and hold your clavicles that way as you eyes, nose, chin, and chest on the up. Now to start down, how will you begin? Do you start with your exhale? Do you start with your tailbone? You choose what gives you the most? What gives you what the, you haven't been getting shins down, legs together, ish. A little less Tush, a little more something mouth, and exhale down and we'll come up a third time.

Did have Kelly and one third time and then you can take whatever swan dive you like three of them and come into single leg kick and go X. Hey Alan. Hey, oh and then hey, look up the whole time. So the sternum is up and lower into whatever arms you like for single leg kick. Now use those arms to pick up your whole shoulder girl as if you're going to lift it, elevate it off your lungs. Picture your lungs free as you right knee bend white n to switch left and to good.

Keep the knees together and don't let the kicking push you around. But instead press your hips away from your waist into your legs, forearms down like crazy, right to feel your torso gaining all the strength of it, that movement. Last one and left and down. Good double leg kick. Now here you are. Clasping one hand in the other. Keep your shoulders up a little, but put your elbows on the mat.

Keep your shoulders up as you exhale. Kick three times. No. Budges now stretch forth. Now anticipate down. What's it like? What's the exhale do for you to three? What's the knee straightening do for you? Is it just lock my knees and go up?

Exhaling. What's the knee and the leg do for your belly and your hips? Very nice and change. Last time two, three. How can your arms elongate and tone your spine and lower down? Put your hands under your shoulders.

Lift your belly and sit back on your heels for the child's pose. Curl at the sitz bones. Fall. Curl the tail and roll the spine up. Bringing the feet out in front of you for neck, Paul. Yeah, you can try that. If you want. Good. Getting better and better next time without the thumb like that and then you'll be fabulous. That's all right. It was beautiful. Hands behind head. We've been here before.

Press your head gently in and respond into your shoulders and ABS. Feel me holding your ankles as if I were a black strap. As you lay backwards. Exhaling, Curl Chin to chest a little bit. Yeah, keep those legs out there. Leave them out there and inhale, curl up. Exhale. When it serves you and round your spine, what starts you up?

Good as you go down, anticipate laying down in order to rise immediately back up. Like you're not going to stop it. You're going to come beautiful when you stay active like so. We'll go down and up. One more time. You uh, you are more efficient. Let go those legs. I have um, one more. All right. No more. That's all right.

That's all right. Feel me. Feel me. Tug you to Christie. Fill me. Tug your hips out from underneath you. I'm pulling your hip joints. I'm pulling on them. Okay. So from that beautiful rolling down out of Neck Pole, you exhaled every last Adam in anticipation of inhaling your legs up and over, put your hands behind your blades and lift your back up. Not only with your hands and your squeezing elbows together, but with your tummy and your hips. Inner thighs.

Now take the right leg over your face, left leg away. Good. And then switch, switch and switch. Good. Now anticipate the moment of switching more than the action. So what is the moment right before switching? Feel like good and hopefully on the camera what people will see is your tummies turning on even more beautifully than they were. And moving into the bicycle.

Anticipate the moment right before knee bend. What do you want out of that moment? Where do you want it? What do you want it to do for you? And can it help your breath and circulation? So the moment before you bend, right before beautiful place, the right foot on the mat, Toe Ball, heel, toe, ball, heel.

Let it give you your hamstrings, either foot, left foot or on the mat. Toe Ball heel. Let it give you year. Your hamstrings, your hips, your arch back, and your hands turned. Now slide your right leg down. Don't lift it yet pointed all the way down straight. Feel that line from the, maybe under the big toe up the inner thigh up under two, your 12th, uh, us a vertebra and, and delay the first moment of lifting.

Inhale, flex said. Exhale twice more beautiful. Let it pump your breath for you and then place your foot. Drag it in. Slide the left, delay the moment and then feel your belly more because of it. When you feel your belly more, you're more free to breathe. Only three.

When you bring your leg down the last time, slide it under you. Take advantage of that mat and then let your hands come by your side, throat and rib after rib and waist. And when your tail hits, Curl your head and come curling up for the spine. Twist long straight legs together. Anticipate your, you're inhaling your exhale. Ah, and then further inhale, exhale and further. Inhale, front x bell. Good. What part of your lungs haven't you inhaled into yet because of your posture?

What if you changed your posture a little bit, like sat on your sitz bones back a little further, drew your ribs in, or elevated your blades a bit or anything? What if good? Finish it off to the left. Good. Place the arms by your side. You should be so tall that the arms are straight. At that moment. Point your feet. Curl your tail and Jack Knife twice in hell. Over and up.

Exhale. Roll it down and take those legs where your Tommy and your ease permit and again anticipate and up and roll down. And when you roll down, bringing the legs to the floor, come on. Belly, belly, belly inner thigh. Use that to turn to you side facing the camera for psychics. So use that long time. He used that feeling of your inner thighs together.

Pick them up if if you need to to bring them forward to the front edge. Good as that would be in your way. You'll be fine. All right. And Use the moment. I'm giving you to dry your arms into your shoulders and pick your cage up so you're not lying on the mat. You are holding yourself because of the Mat.

Lift the left leg in. Here we go to the front. Add one further to back one and two. Inhaling, exhaling. Good. So delay the moment of movement. Just a moment. Just a hair and feel more belly and the keeping your shoulders still, ish and perpendicular ish.

Let your spine respond to the leg. So don't hold your spine. So Straight Debra, let it bend here. Let it extend one more only and exhale hot to the back and bring the legs together. Turn the top leg out and we'll kick up to the side point. Flex the foot and squeeze down. Delay the first moment of lifting your leg so that instead of hip flexors, you're using deep six abs and you squeeze down with the inner thigh.

Reverse the foot on the next one three times. Good. You still have the arms in the shoulders. You still have the body up off. Not necessarily picked up off the mat, but toned and holding itself. Very nice. Everyone. Lift both legs and control yourself onto your tummy. For grasshopper, go into three, four. Exhale.

Two, three, four. Press your shoulders like little bottle caps onto your humerus bone and suction your humerus bone up into your body, right? Not your blades, not too big of a movement, just a little. If it gives you your belly, the moment it gives you your belly, you know you're right. Keep that. Bring the legs still. Keep them in the air and flip onto your other side. Good. Pick your legs up and lay them in front. Exactly where you want them to be. All right, so this position where your hand is here, don't rest your head on the heel of your hand.

Hold your own head up. Press it gently back, and pull this arm in to fill your belly. Now with that, like you've put the key in the car and turned on the ignition. Now you just have to put your foot on the gas pedal. So you have to have this right. Pick the leg up, delay the first moment, then go one. Exhale. One, two, inhale, one, exhale. Ha. Good. So if you hear an exhale that's better than your last one, you know you're improving. You know you're getting something you didn't get the last time.

Beautiful. Keep the arms pulling in. So your whole a rib cage and lung Cabot cavity is available for full breath shoulders. Good. Bring the legs together. Turn out the left leg, point up, flex down. Good. The leg, just like in single leg kick, should not budge you. You're lifting it from, and if you delay the moment of lowering it, what would happen? Yes. Listen to your exhale.

Yes. And it doesn't mean you have to go slow. Just means you have to control that moment. That is very beautiful. Girls legs together. Hold them together, feel them together and use them together to sit up for boomerang. So you are teaser, I'm sorry for teaser. So you sitting up with strong legs, straight arms by your side. Tell you how elongated your torso is. All right?

And you have your moment of rising, which starts whenever you lie and exhale to your blades and inhale up again and it fell down. Not Perfect. New, playful. And again, bring the elbows to the ears. Lower and lift your legs twice, down and up. Down and up. Good. Go down all the way down. Once all the way up, once, circle your arms around behind you and place your hands upon the mat. Good. Now hip circles. Okay.

And when you hip circle, even if you need bend slightly, don't hyper extend your elbows, but use your poems. Use like you have Cilla. All the Silla is going to come up and support your armpits, shoulder girl, and lift your spine. Here we go. Legs up to the ceiling. To the right in with the air around and Exhale, center in with the air. Good Torso doesn't move. Bend your knees a little bit of move your thighs. Inhale. Exhale.

Good pivot on um, a ball bearing sacrum. Yep. Nice. Anticipate the coming home. Good. Now here you are in here. Don't stop. Take those legs all the way over behind you for the swimming. Yes, it's the same muscles. Extend the arms and legs and go immediately. X up. Get your arms above your ears. Come on and get them up there.

One more. Inhale, very beautiful. And then anticipate coming down. What would it feel like? What should it feel like? What do you want out of it? Bend the elbows back by your waist. Hands under your hips. Flex your feet. Now when you flex those feet, really flex them. Stand on the metatarsal as close as humanly possible for you and on all the Stila of your hands and keep your plank as you push yourself up.

Belly and hips in Hams. Good. Now lift the right leg and point your foot. Left heel lowers and lifts and return the right foot change. Alternate. Good. Now as you move peas, let's think about what you want out of this exercise. So you're not necessarily just looking for Achilles stretch. You would like a whole full body movements.

Keep your shoulders over your not hyperextended elbows longer, just a little longer. Yes. One more set on me. Keep your shoulders just a little longer. That is so beautiful. Very nice. And Bend your knees down and turn over to your hips or you can bring your feet out in front of you. We'll do the other leg pull front. After doing the hours before this, I am not going to ask them to do a fancy, uh, the fancy transition there. But so we transitioned and here we are.

So the fingers can be backwards or sideways, but not forwards. So backwards or sideways. And you have them. It's like you have a thousand hands, not just to k, make them be so valuable. Make them be a portal through which like the energy of the earth can come up through your bones, into your shoulders to curl your tail and lift your hips. Delay the first moment of the right leg kick, just a slight to lift. Put it down and stand on it before you delay the next kick and on it and up and a very beautiful and up.

And then lower the hips as if you were sitting on a cloud. Yes. A kip, that tummy as you turn and face this way for sidekicks. Kneeling. Yes. That way. So you're up on your knees. Belly is lifted. Hands are behind the head. All right. So you know in your mind where the floor is for your left hand.

So you anticipating it. What if it were alive? Baby Bunny. So when you put that left hand on it, don't put all your weight down there upon it. Yes. And Kick Front. Inhaling. One exhale to the back. One more time. Exhale to the back. Bend that knee.

Now you're going to leave that bunny. So as you put your right knee down, you're leaving the bunny and bringing your hand to your head. Beautiful. Everyone. So the image of the bunny makes you stay in your body. Lower it down, anticipate the shape, feel the heat of it. Feel the warmth and around front and exhale back even as you move at the moment of moving. You're on the bunny. Yes. And make that tummy lift you up shin down. Good.

When we lower it to the left hip, you know where that mat is, Kay. Care Felice. Think it over there and bring the legs out to the right for the side bend. So your right hand comes to your side. Now where, what's that hand doing for you? Now? What is attached down there such that you can get energy from it to initiate your gesture. So as you initiate your gesture, the hand and the feet push down and you rise. Inhale, lower your hips a little and look to your hand.

Exhale up and over. Good. Feel your waist rising in your arm, in your hips and then go down as if you don't want to, as if you would rather stay up. And as you go down, exhale systematically and sequentially all the way to your hip. Bad time. He is so toned. It picks your knees up and flips him to your other side. Long leg dish and the shoulder right above, maybe a little closer in. Yes.

So you're right in here and you exhale yourself up into your lines. Squeeze the inner thighs hand down by your hip. That's okay. Inhale lower. Feel that strength. Exhale up. Good. Now where are you going to inhale into your lungs as you lower where beautiful and how are you going to exhale?

Ah, where do you have any left? Any left, and then how are you going to inhale where? Which lungs, which lobe? All the way to the ground. Very Beautiful Tommy and picks your knees up to the other side. Very good. Got Your left hand, you x and we're going to do twist one. So you plant that right foot in front of you so that you can put your right hip on it. You can thread the needle as you go in with the air.

Twist the spy. Good. I keep this spine twisted as you lower down, make sure your tights are clean and come back down. Exhaling and in with the air. Where can you put breath in? This twisted lung shape, which lobes are more available now to you to exhale, which abdominals are more available enough to exhale. Good. Now those tiny muscles, pick your knees up to your left side.

Nice in with the air. Rise up. Curl under and twist your spine. Bring the left ribs more than the left shoulder. Curl the tail to your navel so you're twisting and curled and exhale down. Now think about inserting your air into a sponge in your body.

Here we go. Insert it like you have a hyper doc. Hyper hypo. Anyway, a needle hypodermic. Thank you. And then curl your towel now. Now you're second the air out through that needle. Yeah, ha ha. Good. And now tell me, lift too easy. Neck and shoulders come. He lifts you and brings you long legged for twists.

We'll just do twist one where we, where we thread the needle, not the other one. Cause I know you're getting tired. Make sure your hand is under your shoulder. Don't hyperextend keep that left shoulder. Very sturdy at, and you're going to move your spine around it. So you'd go up to the star, inserting your air into lungs that are freely open. Even as you come curling, you're twisting body and spine. Yes. Nice. And then return.

Keep the squeeze of the legs and the hips high as you go to the ceiling. Once go up to the ceiling, open your body to the sky, returned to the star, and then lower yourself gently down, squeezing the air from you. Good. Lift the knees to the other side. Last one. Ladies, you're doing great. Longer legs, but hands underneath your shoulder. Okay, so think someone's gonna take a picture of you. Your shoulders would be square to the floor. Your hips would be square. Yeah. If we took a picture of your upper body. Nice. Now, where must you find the power to rise?

Hand threw up the bra, upper body and feet down to the star. Insert your air. Exhale good. And then twist and inhale someplace you've never even inhaled. Get a chiropractic adjustment. Exhale up. And now inhale to the ceiling. Good. Find a new place.

Now that you're an extension and exhale, return and [inaudible] lower as if you don't want to. Nice. Pick your knees up and come to the boomerang. Good point. Both feet, straight arms by your sides. Feel that the moment preceding your moving that is more important than the movement itself. What would that be like? Here it comes. Go [inaudible] it open.

Exhale into teaser. Now feel like this moment is more important than this one and that this one starts something then you didn't even know you had in you and circle and where are you going to start? Rolling up from straight arms proved to you curl tail, end points, feet over for inhale nice folk and clothes. Make strong hips and sit upon them. Reaching for the dollar bill that Joe would put on a shelf and say, you could have it if you got it, and then around to the back and up. Goodness Day here a minute ago. Breathe. Where are you wasting energy?

Where are you tenting that you don't need? Where could you get something more that you like that you could use to deepen your belly without just pulling your belly in? Hamstrings down. Feet pointed big toes to yes. And then the arms control. Good. Bend the knees for seal, Eh, clap two, three. Inhale back, clap, clap. Exhale forward. Good. So all the work you've been doing up til now, seal is gentle seal. Breathe your breath into the like a blow up mattress of your vertebrae.

Let your vertebrae caress the floor as they go back. Nice. Very good. Those of you who want to go into crab may do so either forward or backwards. Good. And anticipate. Maybe you don't even put your head down. What would it be like the moment before to go back.

Nice girl. Then inhale back, change and exhale. Lift the souls up right away. Lift them up so that gives you more shoulder girdle and hip girdle, right? So that you're bouncing in your center, not just on your shins. Good try though in the end. Any of that. And last one. Good. Like what's so lifted? So Ah, that the moment of down doesn't even occur. Good.

Put your hands under your shoulders. She comes back into yoga pose. Put your hands on your shoulders and stretch your legs out behind you on your tummy. Bend your knees and as your hand reaches back there for your insteps, [inaudible] what happens to your belly? So how can you hold your feet such that as you straighten your arms and your knees, ish, your belly is what draws your attention and exhale and inhale just comes naturally, right? So you care less about the rocking and more about the breath.

So how can you lift your, how can you get more breath? Open your chest, get out of the way of your inhale. Nice. How can you get more breath? Straighten your knees more so that there's more power in your lower body and you don't have to tense your neck. Very beautiful. Gently let go Tommy and sits you back on your heels and a big child's pose. Nice stretch. And then sits bones down. Belly lifts you up. How do you know when you arrived up? Is there more up to go?

What would it make a difference in what part of your body? And then bring your legs forward. We can try one last time. Our hands by our hips and lift with your tummy. You did this in the squirrel. You did this in the inversions. Yeah. Lift those knees up and hop them forward and lengthen the mat.

Then scoot forward because we have such, we have small nets. So we're going to do the uh, control balance. So here you are as you have been many times, right? It's so natural. Now it's like, yeah, I, I'm just checking in and your hamstrings go down and your shins come up and that should be more belly. And if it does, use that to jack and I fought. Good.

Now you're standing on your shoulders as you circle both arms or one at a time around, above your head. Split your legs. And as you pull one leg down, you don't just pull it to the floor, but you pull it through straight arm through, not straight arms through bent arms into your shoulders, into your gut, right? And then that gut is what transfers your legs. And then you pull the new leg down, hamstrings up, shins down or forward, and pull it into your shoulders, into your belly, and then that belly is what lightly changes your legs. Beautiful changes you wish. Very nice. It should feel delicious in your back.

It should feel simple in your belly. Good. Everyone both legs up. When you're done, you're going to stand up as you began. So you roll, put your feet and rise. Push your arms. Yeah. [inaudible].


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Listed as no prop and yet at 3 min we are asked to reach for our bars!
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Joni ~ Thank you for bringing that to our attention. I have added a Pilates Pole as a prop for this class.
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Loved this class, great pace, nice transitions. Helped me to think through my moves to really connect with my body. I learned a little more today.....thank you Rachel!
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Brilliant! Really loved his class. Before I knew it I was onto the next exercise. I didn't realise there were 2 kinds of Side Bend Twist? So is one with bend/short leg and the other with a long leg? I'm never quite sure where I should be twisting and reaching my hand to?... towards my feet or keeping in line with my shoulders? ~ thanks
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thamk you
very conected whit the anticipate...thank you rachel for you beatiful energy
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Amazingly beautiful class. Fantastic teacher I learnt so much more! Thank you Rachel
Thank you everyone! Twist on mat has 2 classical versions: "thread the needle" under your body whether in a bit of a pike or a plank; and elbow by ear throughout as if you are "one piece of steel from head to heel" Romana's words (-:
awesome! I love that passion!
I've taken this class twice at home Rachel. I love it! I must admit, it's always a little weird taking a class I'm in! I find myself cueing my self to sit up straight etc... Even with that distraction I LOVE this class! Thank you!
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Lovely lovely class, felt amazing afterward
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