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Prenatal Mat Workout

30 min - Class


In part three of her program, Carolyne Sidhu Anthony teaches movements that you would need during labor and delivery if you have chosen a natural birth. For the 3rd trimester workout, she chooses to work on circular movements, stretching movements, and deep breathing and releasing. Carolyne recommends this part of the program for women near the end of the 3rd trimester to stay mobile in the body. She ends the class with another meditation so you can connect to your body and release any excess tension.

If you want to refer back to part one and two of the program, you can watch Prenatal Mat Workout for the 1st trimester and Prenatal Mat Workout for the 2nd trimester.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Okay, so now we're going to do something from the third trimester mat class and what we're aiming to do in this class is do more movement that someone's going to need during labor and delivery if they...


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firstly, i am not pregnant. but i am seriously sore from gardening yesterday. i also have chronic back problems. i found this to be an invaluable resource in relaxing my body. i so appreciate unique workouts such as these...they are medicine for my body. thank you!!!!
Mmmmm... I'm 39 weeks and that was just so what I needed.
Loved this class. I did it every day for the last month of my second pregnancy. I successfully managed a VBAC for my second pregnancy and I think this class had a lot to do with it! Having read Carolyne's bio it resonates so much with me. As an ex dancer I stopped pilates during my first pregnancy because I couldn't see how I could safely continue to do the type of work I was doing previously whilst pregnant. I believe I ended up with a C Section partly because my body was not prepared. Doing this class was invaluable second time round in releasing my pelvis and pelvic floor for birth and I have no doubt it put me in a position where my body felt ready for birth in a way I was not prepared first time...Please pass on my thanks to Carolyne. Leonie
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I love the tone of your voice
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I love her voice so much. I would love to have meditation from her. I have two students who are now in their third trimester and will use a lot of these. Great help.
Very fit for me ,I am 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant ,after this class feel much better from my hip joint and sit bones .Thank you very much!
I thought loaded flexion was contraindicated once the diastisis had appeared. As there is loaded flexion in the roll down part at the beginning so I am confused now?
Hello Michie, once a diastasis has appeared during pregnancy then loaded flexion is contraindicated. However, not every pregnant woman will develop one. Also the roll down in this instance is supported by the ball and the spine lengthened half way through. This position is recommended for those looking at positions for natural labor and delivery and I include them in a class situation so the woman is prepared.
Wonderful class, Wonderful Teacher..i Admirer so much.This class has been so Inspiring.Loved the meditation at the end of the class.Thank you so much Carolyne.
Hello Carolyne - thank you for this lovely class. You make all the work look gracious and effortless - yet we all know this is not the case :)) thanks again and hope till soon.

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