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Prenatal Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Carolyne Sidhu Anthony teaches part two of her three part prenatal program. For the 2nd trimester Mat class, she takes the work off the floor and onto the Fitness Ball for more comfort. There is still a focus on breathing and releasing, but there is a little more work than part one since generally women have more energy during the 2nd trimester. Carolyne ends the class with a relaxing meditation to get rid of any tension in the body.

The exercises in each part don't have to be used in a specific time during your pregnancy. They can be mixed and matched as you choose. In Prenatal Mat Workout, you can view part one of this program.
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball, Theraband

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Okay, what going to come now into the second trimester mat class. And what I've done is I've taken the work off the floor and put everyone on a ball because then they're more comfortable and then you ...


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Thank you Carolyne. This was wonderful. My daughter in law and client is due w/our grandson in July. This is just what we need.
Thank you Denee! Congratulations on your grandson :)
This was a really good class! I teach prenatal yoga & pilates. I love using the ball with my class since it is very effective for labor. I will watch your other video soon. Thank you! I think your doula experience really helps!
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Great class! Come back and do a prenatal reformer soon please!
Muchas gracias! Preciosa clase.
Hi there
I thought lying supine was contraindicated after 16 weeks? Am I wrong?
Felt so amazing after this class!!!
Lovely. Some of the hamstring/glute stretches will be "ambitious" for the women I work with but are sooo vital for creating balance and strength in the body. I fell asleep right on my mat after the progressive relaxation!

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