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Matapalooza Spine Corrector

20 min - Class


Meredith is the final instructor for our "Matapalooza" series. She teaches this Spine Corrector workout which takes you through a variety of ranges of motion in a limited time. Strengthen, stretch, expand your body, and enjoy!

For "Matapalooza," our regular instructors came together to share their knowledge and different styles with each other and our members. This series is about sharing the love of Pilates, friendship, and moving to feel good. Make sure you try the classes by Amy, Adrianne, Monica, and Niedra as well. You can do them by themselves or put them together to make longer classes.

You can find all the classes on the Matapalooza Playlist
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector

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May 29, 2013
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Hi, I'm super excited to be here with you guys. Still on the lapsed, but we're still going strong. We're going to work off for about 15 minutes or so on the um, step barrel spine corrector. And here we go. Um, my goal is to take us through all sorts of different ranges of motion. So we'll do a little extension, a little flection, a little, all sorts of stuff. Take your arms out straight, list the spine, hug the midline of your body and in here, as you exhale, allow your spine to around first so the arms almost reached forward as the lower spine comes into contact with the barrel and then continue the spine backwards as the back becomes straight, lift the arms up and then allow the spine to reach over the top of the barrel.

Take the arms around to the sides, allow the arms to look forward and roll forward through the spine. Creating a round shape first and then lifting the spine straight in here. And as we exhale, we create the rounded c curve and then we peel the fine back as your body goes over the top. Make sure that you're supporting yourself from your front. That's important. Take the arms wide. Keep the pinky fingers facing slightly up, just not down towards the floor.

Reaching forward and rolling. I know a different way to say that is the palms of the hands face up. Exhale. Last one. We've take it back, creating the curve, pressing against the barrel with our abdominals, and then reaching the arms up, allowing the spine to cascade over the top with support from the front. Reach the arms around palm to the hands facing up. Take the head up, reach the arms forward and peel the spine up all the way. Lift the arms and lift the spine. Hug the midline of the body.

Bring the hands behind the head. As we exhale, we'll take it over the back, but don't push the head forward. So allow the head to come with the spine. So it's the last thing to reach over the back. Inhale there as you exhale, keep the head heavy in the hands and just lift the spine to a neutral position. So you come just to the ribs. Nice. And in hilted go back. So we work, we support as we take it back. As we exhale, just lifting to neutral. I think about going backwards, like trying to go out the back wall and inhale to go back.

So we'll do that three more times. Excellent to reach back, keeping the head heavy, no pushing forward with the head. It makes it about 50 times easier. If you push your head forward, no one wants that last two reaching. Hug the center of the body with the outsides of the ribcage pulling inwards and the last time. So we lift the spine to neutral. Now from neutral we're going to go into flection. So drawed backwards into the barrel income just a little bit higher and then back to straight and dry in on the abdominals. Curl.

Keep the lower spine pressed inwards into the barrel and back to straight. And three more. XLE We curl and we take it back to straight. And last too. So not all the way back into extension. So just from flection to more of a neutral hovering place and one more curling and the neutral. Let's actually take it all the way back this time. Enjoy and roll all the way back up again.

So sitting tall in the bearer hands, head is pressing into the hands. Feel this shoulder blades wrapping forward and forward towards the ribs and the ribs pressing back toward the shoulder so we get that little pocket of strength there. As we exhale, we're going to rotate towards the ocean. So lifting, lifting up on the head with the arms and down on the shoulders. Inhale to center. Exhale, feel the spinal movement. Any inhaling to center and exhale. Feel the spine. It rises upwards. The pelvis is heavily grounded, but the spine is buoyant.

Reaching up and center and to the other side. One more time. Reaching over and center around the spine. Back to the neutral position. Laying the body out long. We're going to take the body over the top in here. We're going to lift the spine to neutral and now rotate staying on the bottom side rib towards the ocean and inhale to go all the way over the top and lift towards neutral. So start lifting for us and then create the rotation. Nice. And then all the way over the back. We'll do two more to each side.

So we reach up and over and center and back. Moving like a figure eight reaching up in, over and centering back. Oh Man. Three is hard here. Reaching up and over and center and back. Yeah. See what? Or reaching up and over and center in back. Take your arms overhead, Serato over the barrel.

Bring your arms around to the front. Take your head forward. Roll the spine up all the way. Go ahead and turn this way. Cool. Yeah. Nice. Sit at the front of your barrel. [inaudible] move back a little bit. You know we're going to be okay.

We're going to be just fine. So hands behind your head. Go all the way over. Line your body up from your toe to your shoulder to your head in a straight line. Now keep that feeling that we spoke of earlier of shoulders wrapping forward. Ribs coming back, head pressing into the hands, creating a girdle of strength for the neck or support and lift up, reaching out, reaching out. So we're creating a long line and go all the way back. Adrian, come bring your upper body just a little forward there and then reach out. Reach out like pull your head like you're trying to like lengthen your neck and make it longer and reach over the top.

We'll do three more so we feel the top rib pulled downwards, but the bottom report upwards in a spiraling action and down two more times. Keeping the head still in the hands or just lifting or reaching. And Donna, I like to get myself a little bit of pause at the top and just milk it a little and lifting up, feeling the center of the body working hard and reach all the way over the top. Take your arm overhead and put your bottom on the floor. I'm going to go with the arm first.

You're going to take your arm back as far as you can, shoulder flection, and then allow your body once your arm can't go anymore by itself, allow your body to come with you. Yeah, and then reach forward. I'm just getting scoot so I have a little room. Here we go. Reach the arm, arm, arm, arm, arm. As soon as the arm can't go any further than the body gets to go back and don't feel. Don't be afraid to actually lie back on that barrel a little bit. And then reaching forward. And let's do that two more times cause three is just not enough. Or each back, let the pelvis go backwards following the arm and then reach forward and feel all the time there's an energetic reach through the flip foot.

It pulls the other way. It stretches the other direction to increase the stretch in the waist. And then we come back to center. Put your hand on your barrels. Sit Up. I'm gonna turn my barrel but you guys can just turn around if you want or you can turn your nails too. It's up to you. I just want to say see you. Okay. So we make sure that the body, the shoulder in the pelvis and the ankle are all in alignment.

I like to be at the front so that we, when we get to the leaning back part, we have time. We have space, hands behind the head, both feel the head and the hands. Feel the length of the body. And then inhale as you reach all the way over the top and exhale, reach out long like a laser beam. I like shooting out of a cannon, reaching out. Good. Inhale as you go over the top with your top hand. Create a little pressure on your head so that you feel that the head doesn't lift up to lift you up. It stays still in long and reach over the top. So again, we create that, that support through the neck. We will lengthen the spine outwards. Take your [inaudible], give yourself a little one, two, three at the top and reach over the top just to more. We reach up, feel the leg reaching.

Feel both sides of the body working and reach over the top and last time. Head in the hands, eyes forward looking where you're going, all the way over the top. Put the bottom hand down, take the top arm up, take the arm back first. The arm goes, it continues to go. It continues to go. And then it just pulls your body with you. Allow that top pelvis to lay back on the barrel, take the arm forward, drawing back to the center of the body as the arm reaches forward and then take the air and back. Yeah, working shoulder flection. Get a lot of fantastic opportunities for that.

So challenge that. How far back in the arm go without elevating the Scapula to do it and then let your body go and then let your body go. So there's ease in the movement, but there's also support. I had support from the front of the body. Reach up this our last one, reach around to the back and Ben, oh sorry I have to, I said Ben Cause I was bending over the wall. We don't bend, we keep the arm straight. Push up, stand up. And then you guys um, push your barrels towards one another.

Yup. Just so we have enough room for everyone. Yeah. Okay. So we're going to do a little hip extension work, but your hands on the barrel, walk back with your feet, lengthen the spine and reach put of pushing the barrel away from you. And sit back towards your feet. Take your right leg back behind you and then still trace a line along the floor. As your right leg now lifts up parallel to your body, but don't, um, resistor it, saline forward over your hands, almost. In fact, come to your fingertips just a little fingertips and then reach the leg down and then reach the leg out so it has the leg lifts out.

We feel the whole spine long and straight. The head stays in line with the spine. We reach out, lifting up and down. Two more. Reach out, lifting and down. [inaudible] Rachel, hold here. Just caress the barrel with your fingertips. Yeah, you balance. If you, if you need it for balance, you use it. But that's the idea I want you to create. Bend your standing leg. Lift your back leg higher and straighten. So no matter what this is standing like is doing, the back leg is always energized, always lifting higher in your mind.

I'm going to do one more. Put your hands on the barrel, step back into a plank position. Try not to push the barrel forward because it will slide shoulders over the hands. I'm going to do three pushups, lowering the spine down and lowering the spine down and lowering the spine down and hold there. The left hand is going to come to the middle. Gonna roll over your feet, bringing the right foot in front of the left, right on up. We're going to exhale. Make a side bend, reaching the right arm overhead. Inhale, come to neutral.

Now be careful that you don't push the barrel here too. You're going to reach under flattening your back and put your weight into your legs. Going into the twist. Inhale as you come back to the side plank position. Exhale as you make a rainbow with your body. Inhale as you come back to straight and exhale as you reach through, reaching down towards the ankle and then across the body and inhale as we come back and let's turn towards the barrel.

Lift the hips up. Step in with your feet enough so that you're along and ready for the other side. Oh, I forgot which lake we were moving where we were moving the left leg. Now, right here we go. We take it back and reach it all the way up. Reaching, almost pushing the barrel away from you. So the foot in the barrel going oppositional directions. The knee is straight and just take a little time at the top to explore that range of motion.

How much can you go into hip extension without allowing the spine to move? Last two and last one. So use your arms as much or as little as you need to, but be light on your arms. And now bend your standing leg. Lift the back leg higher and stretch. And Ben, the standing leg lifted back like higher and stretch. Just one more.

The back leg is the active like all the time. Nice. Amy. Amy's not even holding on you guys. Whoa. Okay. Now we all had to prove that we could do it too. And now let's step back into your plank position. Raising the bar, Amy, all the time. Here we go. Bend your arms and straighten. Yeah, three times. Bend and straighten. Last one, bend. And straighten. So now we go right hand inside, barrel roll to the outside of the fee or outside and inside a left arm up. Exhale, make a rainbow with your body. Reached the arm overhead.

Look for a stretch. Push away from the barrel. Inhale, find neutral and exhale, reach in towards your leg. Wrapping the spine around into the rotational twist. Lengthening the spine. Inhale to come back over the barrel with the eye and the exhale and reach overhead. Okay? Yeah, it feels good, Huh? Man. Center and reaching through [inaudible] and center. Oh, careful how you're not pushing and come around. Okay.

And now come forward and you just walk in. I want us to lie over the apex of the bear. You guys, I haven't done this exercise in forever. We're going to swim on the barrel. You might have to give yourself a little space or a stagger. Yeah, I had you push him in and now, sorry, I forgot that. Okay, so everybody, because we're all different dimensions is going to have a different balancing point. So play around with your balance point, lifting the legs, and then see about finding a place where the legs and the arms can hover. Okay, so we're going to keep the legs and arms down for a minute for a minute. Okay. Lift the left arm in the right leg.

Reach out and lift the right. I'm in the left leg. Reach out. So create oppositional movement. One more time to each side. Reach out and back and reach out and back. And here we go. Finding your balance and into three, four, five out. Two, three, four, five, three, four, five out, two, three, four, five. One more breath out. Two, three, four, five. Lower your body down. Bend your knees.

Allow your spine to round over the top of the barrel. Take a stretch, put your hands on your barrel in front of you. Push up, come around to the front case. So now here's another spacial thing. Stagger a little bit. We're going to do helicopter. So we want room for our legs. That's going to be the end of the treat at the end of the session. Little scissors and helicopter. Just give yourself enough space.

Hold the barrel, slide back, fond to the floor, bringing your pelvis just over the apex of the barrel. Okay, so from there we hold the abdominals in. Stretch the leg straight up. Let's externally rotate in the hips and we'll do this scissor. So we reach, reached tig and reach. Reach together and retreats together and retreats together and retreats together. And last one, reach. Reach together. Go back to this as our position flux through your feet. Make a long open rotational helicopter action.

Hitting all the points of your circle simultaneously. Point the feeding come home. Let's reverse that. Go the other way. Flex through the heels, stretch to the knees. Reach all the rail around. Nice super wide legs pointed, feeding, come back. So want you to imagine go again.

Opposite leg that you're pushing through quick sand or you're pushing heavy drapery away from you. Reaching opening. Have to really work to get through the sticky spots in our bodies. Let's do that one more time to the other way. Reach out into the scissor. Flex the fee. Push the energy away. Point the feet and come home. Bring your right knee towards your chest, reach your left leg towards the floor, keep it straight as long as you can, and then allow it to bend. So this is my gift to you girls.

At the end of our day, just allow the hip flexor to open. Gently bring that leg back in to the chest. Take the right leg and reach out straight so it reaches away from you, like someone's pulling it out of your hip joint whilst the pelvis is being held still. And then as it can't go any further straight, you just allow the knee to soften. Don't overarch the back here. Keep the ribs pulled down so that we get a true hip flexor stretch and we're not cheating the stretch at all. And then Vinnie into the chest and then it's just start to very slowly push your, you're hitting a barrel out from underneath you and slide your spine down towards the floor. Once you get there, push it away from you.

One just long enough to do two pelvic curls. Moving the spine. So we inhale with the arms down, feet right over the top. Exhale, peel the spine up away from the floor. That's not really fun without a mat, is it? We'll just do one inhale, half the taut and exhale, roll down. Careful that you don't push the roller away from you. Try to pull it or a roller. It's not a roller at the barrel. Okay, now we have to do one more so I can say it correctly or each. All the way down the barrel. Stay still try to pull it towards you. I mean, it's not gonna move, but there's energy there. Lift, reach. Get the pelvis nice and open.

Press the arms down and bring your body all the way down. And then let's take the legs off the bed. Reach out. Lithiums. Lift the head and chest. Roll out. Can we do it? Can we do it? Bend your knees. Cross your feet in front of the breath. Scooch back, take your hands forward.

Stand up, uncross the length. Take the arms up overhead. Inhale and exhale. Just die down towards the barrel. Lifting through the center of the body. As the body reaches over the legs, head reaches down into the knees, head reaches down into the floor, like a heavyweight is pulling it in, inhale and roll back up and reach the Amazon. No, just the arms are going to be heavy and they're going to fall down, but the spine continues to lift, continues to be buoyant, continues to grow through the arms towards the ceiling, and the arms come all the way down and we're done. [inaudible].


Love these short, focused, challenging classes!
Love how the Spine Corrector is showing up more and more, I have always liked using it!
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Is there anything else you can use if you don't have access to a spine corrector...Bosu perhaps?
Thanks ladies. Yes, Caroline, a Bosu would be perfect in a pinch.
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I love the spine corrector...this was great, flowing and smooth, thank you ;))
Great class for me tonight Meri! Thank you! I loved the "pocket of strength" cue. I think that was it? Anyway, wonderful. So wish I could have been in two places at once that day!
Thank you Kristi, my friend....
I too wish to have a clone of you to keep in my "pocket"...
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Simple yet so very efficient! Thank you!!
Thank you Heidi Marie!
I just did this class: WOW I feel like I just had a massage! I feel great! Thanks so much for a quick, but challenging and effective class. I love using the spine corrector so I am happy to see these types of classes on PA!
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