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Monica is the third instructor in our "Matapalooza" series. She teaches Romana's Arm Weight sequence and Standing Footwork which is great for centering yourself and bringing your mind into your body. As Romana said, "your bottom is your bottom, not your behind," which is an important concept to think about during this class.

For "Matapalooza," our regular instructors came together to share their knowledge and different styles with each other and our members. This series is about sharing the love of Pilates, friendship, and moving to feel good. Make sure you try the classes by Amy, Adrianne, Niedra, and Meredith as well. You can do them by themselves or put them together to make longer classes.

You can find all the classes on the Matapalooza Playlist
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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May 27, 2013
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All right. So I'm excited to be teaching you guys the arm weight series, a little bit more advanced level. And we're also going to start off with our standing foot work and then we'll see where it goes from there. So standing foot work is wonderful. So it's just like the footwork on the reformer. Sometimes it even feels better cause you have to work so hard at it. So a one of Romanos fe, my favorite lines of Romanos is at your bottom is your bottom as in the bottom of your box. It shouldn't be your behind, it shouldn't be behind you.

So I really liked that because it keeps him perspective with the standing foot work. When you go for bending, your knees are a play that you don't stick your bottom behind you and your belly forward. So try to keep it being your bottom. So with that in mind, you have a plotty stance, a little bit small, a pizza slice of pizza, and you want to have weight on the ball of every tow weight on the side of your foot and weight on your heel. And we don't want any weight on our arch. So we want a little grape underneath our arch and we don't want to squish it. No wine until later. So beautiful footwork there and you want the weight of your body, not all the way back on your heels, not all the way on the front of your foot, but towards the middle. Maybe just a slight bit more forward so that you have that beautiful in and up feeling in your powerhouse. Let's let our arms hang nice and long, including our tailbone.

Feel like it has an anchor on it or a weight and it's being pulled towards the floor and an opposition on the front part of your body. You feel your navel or your powerhouse pull in and then it lifts up like people got into an elevator and went up. So Nice lift in your center. You want to feel like the crown of your head is up towards the ceiling as if you're a marionette and someone's pulling you up. Really Nice long feeling. Great. So we're going to start here by bending the knees, keeping your heels together. So with the powerhouse always in and out, you're going to bend your knees. So we're gonna keep our bottom are behind. This is really good for me. With my ankle. Go as low as you can.

Keeping your heels down, I'm going to be a lot more limited. And then you're going to roll up the hill. So keep our knees there, roll up the heel. Good. Using those outer thighs and the seat and your powerhouse. Schoolies like you've never squeezed before. The lift like crazy. And now stretch down your heels. Good. Again, two more in this direction.

So bending your knees are plea a and see what kind of Gibbs is it your ankles, is it year Kelly's and then roll up your ankle. Good. A lot of work again. You're going to wrap those sides. Squeeze the seat, scoop your belly and grow taller. And then even now you're pushing the earth away with your heels. One more bending your knees, crack can crack and now you're going to roll up those ankles. Really rolling up the foot, not like a stiff board. And now scoop in.

We're going to really squeeze everything straight. We can't get longer, taller, and push the earth as these keep nice and lifted. And now we're going to reverse it. So we're going to rise up, wrapping and squeezing. End The light away from the inner thighs. And Go ahead and bend the knees while your heels are up. Still lifting in the powerhouse. Good. And now roll down the foot without straightening your legs. And now again, wrap and squeeze until your nice and straight. Two more.

Lifting in and up right. And bending the knees. Keep the lift in your powerhouse. Don't give into, even though you're bending your knees, the body weight doesn't go down. And how you're going to press through the foot. Kinda rolling through the arch, the heel. And then wrap. Squeeze straight. One more time. Think of lifting your hip bones up as well. Rising up with you. Awesome. And now we're going to bend the knees, still lifting in the belly, God and we're gonna roll down the foot. Really make an appliable, not stip boards. And then wrap in. Squeeze. And we're all here. Perfect.

This is a great way to start your arm weight series because it's kind of worthless and you've got two little pound weights here and there are not much giving you and you want to really center yourself. Bring your mind to your body. It's more posture work, almost an arm work. So starting with this great alignment in your body, we're going to think of our shoulders and be a place for each person. Palms face forward. Bring your arms up to shoulder height. Okay, keep those elbows right there. Nice open, collarbones powerhouse in. Make sure you didn't fall back as you brought your arms up and think of pulling a heavy weight to you as you bring your hands to your shoulders.

Good. Keep your elbows at shoulder height and now try to keep those muscles tight as you stretch and extend them good and resist as you pull in a really heavy weight, not just these little two pound doors. And now extend. Think of maybe pulling the springs of the Cadillac all the way into your shoulders. Good. Not letting those elbows dip it. All an extent. We're going to do two more are still lifting in our belly. Our bottom is still squeezing like mad and we're gonna resist.

And last one pulling a big weight into you. Let me see all the muscles in your arms and then resist as you extend them. And Holly, we get to bring them down for a second. And now we're going to turn the palms to the side. Again, they're going to come up to the sides, but just in your peripheral vision. So looking forward, you should still be able to see them in the corners of your eyes.

Make sure your shoulders are rolled down, your bellies in and up, your weight's still a little forward and pull a heavy weight into your shoulders this way. Good. And now resist as you extend, that's it. And pull into your stomach's in and up and resist. Good. And three more stupid and staying tall. The weight is not on your heels, it's a little more on the ball of your foot. And two more scoop. Good. And one last time, making sure the shoulders don't rise as you bring in those arms, mice, muscles, and then resist as you go out. And then let them hang. Now think of like your m o obliques here and I want your elbows to go right into them like they're two little pockets.

And I want you to think like there's two heavy springs attached to the floor and we're going to flex the front of your arms, your biceps to pull them up. Now keep your fingertips attached to your shoulders and stretch the back of your arm as you lift the elbows as high as you can. Then bring down your elbows back into that pocket and tightened the Hams, the tricep now, and extend the arm even doing a little flick of the wrist and now back up. Tighten the front of your arm, stretch the back of your arm and then bringing them back down. Tighten them and extent.

So you should just feel the front of the on tomb or everyone to have that. Then lifting up good posture, still all there. Brain down the elbows. Hold them there. Tight in the back of your arm. Bring that mind to your body. Little flick of the wrist, one, one, pulling it up, big heavyweight from the floor. Stretch up the back of the arm. You'll feel a stretch. Bring it back down. Anchor those elbows, and then extend tightening the back of the arms and a little flick. Good job.

Now I want you to go ahead and separate your heels so the feet are parallel and bend your knees so your knee is just a little bit over the toe. We're going to go to a flat back. Okay, so everyone go down to a flat back. Just letting your arms hang, not around back, not arch back, always stomach, supporting your powerhouse. Now Bend your elbow so that the elbows are right by your ribs. But turn your palms facing down. Good.

Bring those hands right up to your shoulder. Your right arm's going to go forward and your left arm's going to go back. Now stay there and check your box, your frame, and see if you can keep them square, but reach further with each arm and now reach those weights a little higher. Don't switch yet. Just reach up a little higher. Good. Keep your elbows up high as we switch arms, elbows, high switching.

When I'm forward reaching a far forward one mark back and switch. So trying to really keep that nice flat back and the arms aren't trying not to sink as we switched. This is called boxing and we're going to switch and we're going to switch. We're going with the right arm forward and elbows high. Work those triceps as you'd go. [inaudible] one more.

Each one right arm forward, left arm, back and switch. Really reaching as far as you don't alter your box and now let your arms hang towards the floor. Your head hangs. Bring your heels together and roll up your spine. Is your legs straighten? Good. Now we're going to go ahead and do sides, so let's bring up our right arm. There we go, and we're going to really up as tall as we can. Good. In fact, I want you to bring both arms up for a second and imagine hanging from one of these beams up here and feel how your belly lifts in and up and you have such a nice long waist. Keep that lift and lower. One arm, the left arm.

And now we're going to lift up and over to the side. Really careful not to push your hips over as you do it, but lift up and over away and now lift back up to that beam as you come. Center and switch am pulling in and up. And again, not going, pushing your hips over, but just reaching and then lifting up from your thighs. Give it all you got and switch and pulling in and up and going over, lifting, lifting, stretch and then lift high up to the ceiling. Good switch and scoop in your belly.

This is more of a stretch and no bleak work than it is arm work, but it is there too and reach. And we're going to do one more, adding a nice little extra stretch. So we're gonna pull in and up and over, and then leave that elbow there and let that arm wrap around your head and then straighten and then lift up to the ceiling and switch and scooping and great and lifting over and over. And then let that arm hang around your head and extend and lift up through those ways muscles and bring it down. All right, we're going to lift up your heels separate to Pella and go back into your flat Bach back. So go into your flat back rolling down [inaudible] and we're going to do the bug. So I want a slight round shape in your arm. Nice straight back scooping in your belly. And I want you to think of your shoulder blades, the relationship of your arm.

I want to stay exactly how it is as you lift up your arms. So keep that nice soft bend in your elbows. Start by squeezing a cracking a walnut between your shoulder blades. So start lifting those elbows, cracking a walnut between the shoulder blades and now as if you're resisting a great magnet, resist bringing those arms together and really pull away a big force that's trying to keep your weights together as you crack a walnut and pull them together, really bring your mind to those muscles and together really think about a beautiful back muscles. You want to wear a nice back [inaudible] dress.

You want to really work on as much as one more time back of the arms, upper back, and then resist with the front of your body. As you bring those weights together, let those arms hang, heels come together and roll up through your spine. Great. And keep your weights now glued together. We're going to do the zip up so your weight's still a little bit forward. We'll do one with our hills down, then we'll add lifting the heels.

So you're pulling a big spring up from here now and we're gonna zip up our zipper. The elbows rise, but not the shoulders. They stay down. How high can we lift our elbows without lifting our shoulders? And then down like a big thing of dynamite. Good. And now hopefully we're all using our powerhouse in our bottoms are under us and we're going to pull up as we slowly rise up onto the ball of our foot squeezing. And now slowly go down as you push down a huge way. Good.

Three more. Here we go. Skipping in and up. This is beautiful shoulder sculpting here. So you don't want those to move so that they can get sculpted. And then you'd push. Yeah, God and up. Very nice and pushing down.

Good. And one more. Pulling up a really heavy spring. Keeping those shoulders down. Powerhouse in and up. How high can we get our elbows up and down? Nice job. I kinda lied. We're going to do one more coming up. Lifting up, cause we're going to transition all the way to straight arms here. [inaudible] and then I want you to bend those elbows behind your head.

Keeping the weights together, lowering your heels. Good. So stay here. We're going to do shaving, making you stay here. Cause we don't, may not. Just don't point your elbows forward. Think about your ears. Try to keep them behind your ears. Really open up that chest. Scoop your belly and use the back of the arms.

And now we're going to lift up off. I know we're going to take off all her hair. We're going to straighten our arms as we slowly rise up. Good. And now bend your elbows way behind your ears right from the beginning as you lower down and four more. Okay. Oh, the way and resist as you come down.

And here we go. Up rubbing and squeezing and coming down. Beautiful. Ladies. Last one up. Good. And on this one, bring your arms forward as you come down. Good job. One more bent flat backs, or we're going to separate your heels. Bend your knees and lower yourself down to a flat back. Nice and straight back. Elbows right by your side and fists facing each other.

There we go. We're going to do some low curls or triceps. You know we're going to push back, tightening in the back of your arms and coming back and really extending work in the back of your arm. And that three more powerhouse. Always supporting your back. And more. Make sure those knees are bent somewhere between the ankle and your toe. Last one. Good.

And now let your arms hang and round up through your spine. Oh, always using that power house. Good. And heals. Come together. I should have said that on your way up. Good. So we're gonna do sparklers or circulars. So grab the end of your, um, Ooh. Let's do chest expansion first. So start here and have your arms right in front of you. Nice.

We'll do one with our, um, feet down. So we're going to scoop him. We're going to inhale, keep inhaling while you look right and left. Look forward and empty your lines. Let's see if we can add the rise. So we're going to inhale lift. It's really hard to talk and do that. Left right forward and release. They're one more set. Scooping and open those collarbones. But most importantly, powerhouse in right, left forward and release some.

And one more to the left, facing forward. First left, right forward and release. Good. Now we'll do sparklers. So holding at the end. I love to pretend I have a beautiful set of bangles on each arm, so we're not going to circle from the elbow down, but circle the upper arm. Okay, so have a nice little soft, almost weights touching. And again, we'll do the first set with heels and then we'll rise up. So it's circle one, two, three and four. Straight ahead, five, six, seven and eight.

Step above and reverse it. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and up and solely rising. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight and reverse. Two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Again, what really wrap. Really squeeze. That's your support there. Powerhouse. Absolutely. And reverse. Two, three, four, five, six. One more time. Power owls in and up. You really feel that your bottom stays your bottom. Five, six, seven, and eight and reverse. Let me see those. Bangles, five, six, seven and eight. Nice job on Allen. Last one. Our favorite, the lunch.

So we're going to stand with your, maybe take a little step back so that your arch in your bar front, right foot is right in your heel. All right, perfect. So you're going to on one camp, try to go to a lunge position. That means the back leg will stay straight, the front leg will be bent, and you're going to try to basically lie down on your leg with your arms at shoulder height. They won't do three pumps with the arm and come back in. So on the count of three, one, two, three, go out. And now lower your arms and lift the shoulder height and lower and lift the shoulder height. One more. Lift to shoulder height on one count. Innercise.

Here we go. Nice job ladies. Switch legs, and maybe put the other foot behind just to give us a little more room. So the left heel will be right on the right arch. Good. And we're going now on the count of three, go out to I. One, two, three. Go and lower those arms. One and lift and lower work those shoulders. One more.

Hold the arms up. And on the count of three we're going zoom it back up. One, two, three. Nice work. And we're all finished. Good job, ladies. Really good.


Thanks, am adding more standing weight work so always great to do & review!
Great class however there are times when you whisper or your voice gets really low and its hard to hear what you are saying.
Lots of fun. Thanks.
This is a really good workout. I used low weighted gloves (piloxing ones) as had no weights like these and really felt it in arms. Thanks! :)
What a fun class Monica! Thanks again :)
Thank you for this enjoyable class!
Thank you for this enjoyable class!
Tahmour B
That was delightful! Loved the crack a walnut image. Thanks.
The arm weight series standing and in hinge position will be great for my clients with osteo issues- and the standing footwork fab for everyones posture. Thanks for making it such fun!
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone!!! Monica:)
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