Class #1099

Mat Workout

20 min - Class


Kristi teaches an accelerated Mat class that packs a full body workout into just 20 minutes! You will enjoy exercises like Standing Swimming, a One Hand Side Plank Push Up, and more. This is a great class to do before you head to the beach, and is an intense, quick workout perfect for a busy weekend.

You can add the Quick Morning Warm Up with Amy Havens to get your body ready for this class. It is a great warm up to do before any of our classes.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jul 04, 2013
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Hi there. We're going to do a quick one today. The weather is good, and I want to get to the beach. And I'm sure you want to get out and do your summer activity too. So we're going to do a once over t...


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ahhhh...just what I needed! Ready to face the 4th!
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Wow! And thank you!
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Great to see you again Kristi!! The perfect workout for the 4th!!
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Hit it and go! Awesome;))
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Ready to face what comes after the 4th too. ;) Thanks!
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Great way to start the day - thankyou -
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That was hard,but really great
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A quick focused challenge. Thank you!!
Miss you Maria!
You too Cengiz Han!!
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