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Melissa Connolly returns with this fast-paced Reformer workout that goes by in a flash. You may be surprised at what a great workout you can get in just 25 minutes! This class includes a reverse short spine, some additional leg work, a fun variation of Breaststroke, and even some stretching in it. How did she fit it all in? This is a fun workout to do when you're short on time and want to maximize it!
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Hi, I'm Melissa Meredith and I are going to be doing a quick reformer workout. Um, I have a starting with three red springs and we'll start with footwork. So lying down on our backs, we're going to start on the balls of the feet. So you have your heels together, toes apart, you're in a [inaudible] first position. Let's just get out of alignment here. You have the knees right in line with your shoulders.

The chest is wide and open. Stomach is drawed in Nice and tight. Heels are high. And together we're going to take a breath in. And now on the exhale, press the carriage all the way out. And inhale, resist to bend. Exhale, press all the way out in heal resistant bend. And exhale, lengthen the legs. Inhale, bend and exhale prs out. Inhale, bend and again out five and Hillary's. Zest. And press back six and resist drawing the ABS in tight seven and resist.

Exhale, lengthen and bend. Two more pressing out. And and last one all the way out, all the way into the stoppers. Take your legs out to second position on your heels. The legs are wide. And these are pointed to the sides. Exhale, press the carriage out. Inhale, bend and resist. Push through your heels too, and resist engaging in the inner thighs and resist them to bend and out four and you bend. Exhale five and bend. Press back, breathing out. Inhale and out.

Seven and bend. Exhale eight and resist two more and and all the way a straight lengthen and Benz. Bring the carriage and go to your heels, hip with the par. Raise the right knee to a tabletop position. And now press back for your left heel. Go all about lengthen and bend. Exhale, press up to resist.

Swatching the left knee alignment, keeping it straight up to the ceiling and for resist to Ben and engaging the back of the thigh as well as the front of the thigh. Five more and breathe out. And, and again, exhale, resist. Two more. Press out and, and last one, go out all the way in. Lower the right heel down in line with your hip, left knee to tabletop. Exhale per rs back to your heel. Resists to bend. Exhale to and, and watching the knee alignment and bend.

Go out for and in. As you breathe out, draw the ABS in and bend and exhale. Inhale. We have four more and, and three more, and an last inhale, band last one. And inhale, bend from here. We'll quickly take one red spring off. Lying down on your back. The heels. Go in line with your hips. Draw the ABS in and roll your spine up. You are in a bridge. Pause here, getting your alignment, knees, hips, shoulders in. Line the belly hollowed out in the handle.

This time as you press the carriage out, exhale to return. Inhale, press the carriage out. Exhale to return going out and engaging the muscles in the back of your thighs. Out and breathe out. Drawing your abs in tight and out ax. Hilary, turn five more. Inhale, exhale. Four more. Inhale, exhale. Three more out.

Draw the belly in last too. And in last one to go out. Return the carriage all the way on pause right here, right knee lifts to a tabletop. It stretches to the ceiling. You press out and then with your left leg for five and, and press out for and, and really lengthen that left like all the way out. Bring it. And two more out and in. Last one, stretch out and, and lower the right foot down.

Raise the left knee first to tabletop, then up to the ceiling. And here we go. In heal. Link them. Exhale, return out to x, Hilary turn, press out. Thery and exhale, Geraldo Valley. And for x, Hilary turn last one. Go out and in. You can place your left foot down and with control. Roll it down. One Vertebrae at a time. From here, take your straps into your hands. Okay, you're gonna raise your arms right up in line with your shoulders.

Raise your knees to tabletop, going into hundreds. Take our breath in through the nose. As you exhale, reach down through the arms, curl the chest and extend your legs to your hundreds position. Eyes on your belly. Pump your arms breathing in. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, scoop abs in and up. Inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five 50. Breathe out.

60 and exhale visually. See the abs pull and 72 three, four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five 82 three four, five and exhale, two, three, four, five 90 exhale, scooping the ABS. Last one. And on this last exhale, Brita all the air and pause. If you can lift an inch higher than the knees, raise arms over your head. Take an inhale as you exhale, curl right back up into your hundreds position. Bend the knees if you need to modify. Otherwise the arms lift up.

And Dan for five two exhale three and press down four and press down. One more. Stay right here, the arms open. Exhale, pull in. And two X. I told you to work out. Three exhale and two more. Exhale five and pause right here. Lift an inch higher.

Bend the knee, raise arms, lower the head. Take an inhale, one more. Exhale, curl your chest out. But let's keep our knees bent. Bend your elbows. Coordination slowly for precision arms and legs. Reach out and lengthen. Keep lengthening as you open in. Squeeze shut. Bend the knees. Lift the chest higher to bend your elbows, arms and legs. Reach Long.

Keep length, and it gives you open school. We shut. Bend the knees. Lift the chest as you bend three with flow. Reach open, close. Bend the knees, bend the elbows or reach open. Close knees and elbows or reach. Open. Close knees. Elbows. Lower your heads. In the straps we go into shortened spine.

Okay, so let's start with the legs at 45 degrees. Reaching them long. We'll keep the feet parallel. You're going to raise your leg straight up in line with your hips to get a hamstring stretch. Exhale, draw your abs in. As you roll up in over the carriage goes to the stock burners. Inhale, bend your knees, feet are in line with your nose. Exhale, keep your feet there as you rolled out. Then pull the heels to your bottom and extend the legs forward again.

Raise the legs up. Get a nice hamstring stretch. Exhale, draw your abs in. As you roll up and over cares the stoppers. Bend the knees in line with the nose and roll down through the upper, the middle of the low, or bring your heels to your bottom accent. One more in this direction. Lift the legs. Exhale, draw your belly in as you go up and over. Inhale, bend the knees. Exhale, rule the spine down.

Pull the heels down and extend the legs. The reverse. You're going to bend your knees into a frog. Roll your spine. That means towards the ears straight in the legs. Keeping tension on the straps. Start to roll down. Really draw the ABS in tight. Use the back of the thighs and lower the leg straight down.

Then the needs. Exhale, roll up carriage to the stoppers. Extend the legs keeping tension on the straps. Roll down. ABS are engaged with the back of the thighs as you lower straight legs down. Last one, bend the knee is roll the spine up. Stretch the legs and lengthen and roll it down. Stomach is tight back.

The thighs are type per arrest. The legs down. Inhale, bend your knees and we'll take the straps off of the feet. Okay, let me go over the pegs. We're going to step off of there. Okay. I'm going to lower the foot bar all the way down, so we'll just take it off or whatever. Okay. Take off our red springs. You have a total of one red spring attached and we're going to get our long box and place to on. Okay. Goes over the shoulder Ras, pull it tight. Okay.

Going into the breaststroke, you're going to take your straps, so make sure you're on the insides of your straps and the straps are going to go around your thumbs. So u of l shapes with your hands. And now just reach your arms forward, hold on to the edge of the box and come on to your stomach. Your chest is on the box. You're going to bend your elbows like a goalpost and bend your knees so the feet are together. They're like in a frog position and now you're going to reach the arms straight forward, keeping the knees bent. So reach forward from here.

You're going to start to circle the arms as you circle, you extend your legs and lift to an extension. And then bend your elbows and knees back to the starting position. Exhale, reach the arms forward. As I'm circling you. Extend your legs and lift your extension. And then bend the elbows and knees to neutral axial reach forward. Start. Just circle the arms, lift the chest and length of the legs long and together.

One more in this direction. Then exhale, forward. Circle lengthening, lengthening and lifting. And then bend to the starting position. The reverse your arms and legs. Reach back behind you there. Together. Start the arms circle like out to the sides. From here, bend your knees, lift your extension, and then lower to neutral. Three more arms and legs.

Reach back, circle the arms. And now bend the knees on the left and bend the elbows into starting position to more arms and legs. Go back, circle the arms, bend the knees less, and then the elbows. And last one, arms and legs. Reach back. Circle the arms, bend your knees, lift and bend the elbows, and then place your hands onto the box. Step off carefully and then carefully bring the carriage in. Okay, from here, let's just add one red spring.

So we have a total of two red springs on and then you're going to have a seat to the front of the box and we'll transition for a little ab series to arms forward. Roll down means comes through a tabletop struck that your shoulder blades are on the box. You're going to stretch your left leg forward. Your left hand goes to the of the right knee, right hand to the ankle. Now stay here just to engage the back of the left thigh and then switch and just get your form. So right hand to the knee, left hands the ankle, engage back of the right side. Let's go with flow. Breathing in and breathe out. Inhale, exhale. Inhale.

Exhale. One more in and outs. Bend your knees, lift the chest. Much higher. Arms and legs. Reach out away from the center. Double leg stretch. Keep the arms straight, circle around. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, circle out, and exhale, draw the belly in. Just four more Berea out and pull it. And three more. Lengthen. Exhale, m, two more exhale and last one. Exhale in. Reach your right leg to the ceiling. Left leg forward.

Just 10 all together. Little pull, pull in, scissor pull. That's two. And inhale. Exhale. That's for Ed. And he'll exhale that six n and he'll exhale. That's eight. One more. And that is it. Stretch your legs to the ceiling. Hands behind the head. Lift your chin.

Keep your head relaxed in your hands. Lower the legs. Draw the abs into left only five. Here we go. Keeping the low back. Stable. Exhale, lower to your point of control where your abs are challenged by your back is safe. Too. More. Draw the belly in and breathe out. Last one, draw to abs in and breathe out. Bend your knees, fold them. Stretch your right leg forward.

Lift your right shoulder towards your left knee in a rotate and we'll switch and switch and switch and switch and switch. Let's do four, three, two, one and bend your knees gracefully. Come on up. Okay, stepping to the side, we're going to take our foot bars, lift them up to the top. Okay. Lying on your stomach for the overhead press. So lie all the way down when you set yourself up for this one.

Breathing so that your rib cage, the lower ribs are just on the box. The elbows are wide and the legs are hip distance apart. Take a breath and to prepare now slide your solar blades down. As you press back, we'll just do five resist to bend at Hail for resist to bent acts, Hail Surrey, resistive end and back and an last one for us out and come in. We're going to take that red spring off so we have one red spring on only Unipress all the way out to keep your right hand where it is.

Bring your left arm straight out to your side. Fingers and shoulders in line. Inhale, bend the elbow, keeping everything still. Press back. We'll just do three of this. Variation. Bend, press with strengths. Shoulders down, neck in line with a spine and press. That's three. Take your left arm overhead.

Raise your right leg a little bit higher like a swimmer position and been three times. Inhale, exhale, reach, feeling that link from the left fingers. Two left toes to one more and 30 let's place the left hand down and the right leg down. Take your right arm out to the side, check your alignment energy through the right fingers. Shoulders are square, then the left elbow. Exhale, press back, Ben, the left elbow, shoulder down to a press back. Ben The left elbow and press back and stay stretched out right arm overhead. Raise your left leg, keeping the shoulders down. Bend the left elbow. Exhale, press one bend.

And for us to bend and press 30 lower the hand down. Raise your right leg, lower your left, and that's just two quick little swimmer legs only. So change, change, change, change, and another nice deep breath. Inhale, exhale. And now lengthen both of the legs. Do One swan extension, lifting the chest and pull the belly in length and to lower the chest and bend your elbows to return your carriage and step on flip. They're sweating, she's dripping in sweat. I love it. Okay, box goes to the backs. Okay, we add another red spring. Run, a total of two hands, one the foot bar.

You're going to step up so your heels are back against the shoulder. [inaudible] now from here, focusing on more of a hamstring stretch initially. Lengthen your tailbone up towards the ceiling. Press weight down into your heels and then slightly to the outside edge of your feet. You're going to inhale. Press the carriage out. Exhale, pull the carriage in. Just eight to an XL. Feel their hamstring. Stretch 30 your head is relaxed.

Shoulders are down for axial polit and we have your abs by five. Exhale, m six and lengthening m seven sit bone straight up to the cla. Last one. Good. Next elephant variation. Walk your feet in a little closer. This time. Let's round our back. Feel where your ribs are and pull them up into your spine. Drop your head heavy.

Let's lift the toes and slide carriage out. Exhale and warn your core to exhale. M three draw the ABS and four breathing out. Five exhale. Six. Exhale seven eight and bringing the carriage into the stock.

Where is for the next elephant variation? We go down to one spring. Only one run when medium. What you're going to do is turn your feet so your toes. Let's face them to the left so you have the outside edge of the feet. Parallel with the edges of the carriage.

Drop your head and feel like your shoulders. Stay square with the foot bar. Just tuck that Chin in slightly. Inhale, press security dot a little bit. Exhale, use your abs, pull it, and two exhale and getting a nice stretch on that left side and working the right obliques. X, n four 30 relax the neck and last one and bring it into the stop. Burns. Let's turn the feet to the other side. So the outside edge of the feet is a line with a carriage. Drop. The head, shoulders are square and down. Inhale, carriage out. Exhale, pull it and out and in the look towards your stomach and Gerard and four x, him. Five acts him.

Six two more relaxed than I can. Shoulders, abs and tight. Good. So from here just stepped down to the side. On the bed. Your hands are going to stay on the foot bar. Your left foot is going to go back against the shoulder as the right foot is going to move back. So when it's on the floor, it's in line with the shoulder rest. So the left knee is off. Press the carriage all the way out. Pause here.

Feel this long line from your left heel to your hips, your shoulders out through the crown of the head. Tighten your left buttock cheek. Inhale, bend your knee in line with the right knee and exhale, push back eight times one. Here we go. In press two and press 30 and engage the back of the five, five and six and seven. One more. Eight. Press back. Bring the carriage all the way into the stoppers.

Keep your right foot where it is. You're gonna rotate your left leg externally. So the ball of the foot goes kind of in the headrests crease. The heels lifted leg is turned out. Press the carriage out. One and Ben Tightening in your bottom two and ax. Heel three and breathe out. Four shoulders, nice and square, lengthening in the spine, and six, two more. Seven and let's stay straight on. Eight.

Rise up the ball of the right foot. Bend the right knee weight into your left hand. Stretch the right arm out to the side. Here we go. Bend. And for us, one, Ben and for us to stay nice and stable on the body and read out for and press back. Five and exhale. Six two more. Last one, stay straight. Let's lower the hand, lower the heel and gracefully bring the carriage him and we'll walk around to the other side. Okay, so hands on the foot bar, right foot goes back against the shoulder rest. Left foot is a with the shoulder rest.

And then just press the carriage out again, focusing on form. Heel to hip, to shoulders to crown of the head. Stomach engaged in, he'll bend the right knee. And exhale, press one, bend and press to Ben. Try to locate those muscles and the back of your thigh. And then your glutes form more. Exhale four and Surrey. And last two and last one to change.

Bring the carriage all the way in. Rotate your knee and your thigh to the side ball of the foot and the head rest crease and press the carriage all the way out and, and Kress out too. And, and tightening in your bottom three and control it and four, control it. And five and read out six and two more. Seven and stay straight on. Eight. Rise up onto the ball. The left foot.

Bend the left knee weight into the right heel of the hand, left arm to the side, bend the knee. Exhale, press one, bend and press two. Ben, press all the way to straight. Thery control it and for us out four and exhale five. Check your neck alignment and six and breathe out. Seven last one, hand to the foot bar and bringing the carriage in. Okay, we'll finish with a stretch. So just place the foot back where it was.

So the ball of the foot goes on to the press it, press the foot against the shoulder wraps, knee down, left foot, comes forward underneath the foot bar and then lunge down. Good, holding it here. Drop abs in Nice and deep. Shoulders are down and back. Take a breath in. As you exhale, press the carriage back a little bit further, an inch or two and bring it in. Just an inch or two. Exhale, press back. Inhale, come in. One more exhale.

Now draw the ABS in a little bit deeper. And when you return the carrot, he the through the spy clothes and then walk around to the other side. So right foot underneath the foot bar, left foot up against the shoulder ass. The knee is on the carriage, and we slide the carriage all the way back. Good feeling that nice stretch on the front side of your left hip and thigh. Take a breath in. Exhale, press back an inch or two.

Inhale, just in a bit. Exhale. Inhale. One more stretching in your hip flex, or stay there for a moment. Draw the belly in deeper and then lengthen the spine to bring the carriage all the way and, and step off of your reformer. And we're done. Thank you. Paradise. Smitty. I love it.


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That was so much fun, challenging and lots of other good stuff. Thank you Melissa!
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As usual, Julian's style comes shining through with Mellissa leading the way. Fun, challenging, always something new. Love the variations.
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I love the entire workout. Great cueing. Thank you Melissa
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Thank You for a really fun fast paced and energizing work out :)
Really like how you reverse the exercises because it enhances my understanding and connection to the movements. I feel great
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A great workout when you short on time but still want to work up a sweat
Thank you all for the positive feedback! I personally usually only have about 20 minutes to work out, so I do try to get a full body workout in that short amount of time.
Glad you enjoyed!!!
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Great! Very dynamic!
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One word - perfect. Another - love. Great work for entire body is just 20 minutes. This one is definitely a keeper. Thank you thank you thank you
Loved your class:) your cues are great!!
Excellent all-round workout with choice cueing. A definite keeper!
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